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The latest within the Austin Dental Service, we keep you updated.

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Toothbar Talk

The latest within the Austin Dental Service, we keep you updated.

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A man that just lost his teeth
Austin Preventive Dentistry
May 10, 2021

5 Effective Dental Health Tips for Kids

Early childhood is the most important time to instill healthy, lifelong habits in children. This includes teaching them the importance of brushing properly and visiting the dentist regularly. Here are a few, effective dental health tips to teach the young members of your family. Encourage a Healthy Dental Diet: A lot of parents promote good […]

Austin Preventive Dentistry
May 5, 2021

How Many Teeth Kids Have and How to Take Care of Them

Congratulations! Your baby’s first tooth just appeared. Start your child’s tooth care regimen early on to encourage good dental hygiene habits. Austin preventative dentistry at The Toothbar serves children as early as their first birthday to start regularly cleaning and maintaining their teeth. How Many Teeth Do Kids Have? According to Mount Healthy, a partner […]

Tongue Health is important
April 26, 2021

Why Tongue Health is important

When considering oral health, taking good care of teeth and gums are usually some of the first things that come to a person’s mind. However, having a healthy tongue is key in keeping a healthy mouth. The tongue is the unsung hero of the mouth due to being multifunctional. Its functions include talking, swallowing, chewing, […]

April 12, 2021

I don’t smoke, can I still get oral cancer?

In the United States, oral cancer accounts for three percent of all cancer incidents. Although smoking is a significant risk factor in the development of this condition, you don’t have to be an active smoker to be at risk. Other risk factors include poor dental hygiene, alcoholism, Human Papillomavirus (HPV) infection and suppressed immune system. […]

What Are Dental Sealants
April 5, 2021

What Are Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are thin coatings painted by a dentist on the occlusal surfaces of teeth. Dental sealants are typically painted on the back teeth, and statistics show they can prevent up to 80% of cavities. Although the number of kids with sealants continues to rise, the opposite is true for low-income families. These children are […]

dental inlay is the best option
March 22, 2021

Times where a dental inlay is the best option

In dentistry, a dental inlay is placed within the tooth. It is similar to a cavity filling that does not cover the entire top part of the tooth. It must be designed to fill the exact size of the cavity before it’s cemented into place. In addition to inlays, there are onlays and overlays that […]

Dry Mouth Risky For Your Teeth
March 16, 2021

Why Is Dry Mouth Risky For Your Teeth?  

Did you know that over 10% of the world’s population have suffered from dry mouth? Dry mouth, popularly known as xerostomia, is a medical disorder characterized by insufficient saliva production or incompetent saliva flow. Saliva plays an important role in: Digestion and swallowing of food. Lubrication of the mouth. Cleansing of the mouth. Facilitates the […]

Gum Contouring
March 8, 2021

Do You Want To Change The Shape Of Your Gums?  

No matter how thoroughly and frequently you floss, brush and go for cleanings, your smile may not appear attractive to you. Self-care and maintenance are essential for the health of the mouth but certain aesthetic aspects can not be corrected by diligence. One major example of this is an uneven gum line that can make […]

Tooth Mobility and Tooth Loss
March 1, 2021

Tooth Mobility and Tooth Loss

Living in Austin means we know good food. Did you know that every time we eat, our teeth move? The movement is slight and probably unnoticeable but is healthy movement. However, if a tooth moves beyond the normal limits of eating, dental care is necessary. When a tooth moves horizontally or vertically, outside of its […]

Tooth Sensitivity to Heat or Cold
February 22, 2021

Sensitive teeth: Do hot and cold bother you?

Most people agree that visiting the dentist’s office is not on their list of fun things to do. Whether the visit is for a routine exam or a root canal, we might feel some apprehension. Still, most people understand the importance of regular dental care in maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Tooth Sensitivity to Heat […]

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