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Austin Preventive Dentistry
Austin Cosmetic Dentistry
March 9, 2020

Easy Oral Care Tips for Kids

When Kids Have Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures Kids generally have teeth that look like they belong to kids. Biology designed it that way because adult teeth would not look right in a child’s mouth, nor would adult teeth fit. However, kids often have accidents or health problems that create unsightly and unhealthy visual markers on their […]

Austin Preventive Dentistry
March 2, 2020

Is Periodontal Disease Contagious?

Periodontal disease is the dental term for bacteria that have infected the gums in the mouth. Periodontal disease and gum disease are used interchangeably. In turn, the infection triggers an immune response from the body’s natural defenses and inflammation (swelling) occurs. Periodontal disease can come in many forms ranging from minor and easily treatable to […]

Austin Preventive Dentistry
February 24, 2020

Tips for picking the right toothpaste

Choosing toothpaste to maintain good dental health was once a simple matter. There were a few name brands that people picked, primarily on the basis of taste preference. Today, store shelves are filled with a wealth of choices, and sometimes, consumers can become confused by the various options. Austin Cosmetic Dentistry offers a brief rundown […]

My Gums Feel Itchy
February 17, 2020

Why Do My Gums Feel Itchy?

Your gum tissue is vital for the health of your teeth. When your gums are not healthy, many symptoms can begin to occur. Itchy gums is a common complaint of dental patients seeking Austin Preventative Dentistry. If you are dealing with this unwanted symptom, it is critical to learn the possible reasons you are suffering. […]

SPA Dental Services Downtown Austin
February 10, 2020

The Benefits of Dental Spa with Toothbar

Discover the Benefits of Dental Spa with Toothbar   When you arrive at the Toothbar, you notice a difference right away. Chances are, a friend may have told you about this Austin Cosmetic Dentistry specialist. You may have noticed your friend’s great smile and asked how they made the change. They told you about SPA […]

Austin Preventive Dentistry
February 3, 2020

Reasons Why Brushing Your Tongue is Important

Why It Is Essential To Brush Your Tongue Cleaning your tongue may be one of those imperative things you easily forget or even shove it down your to-do list. Your mouth is relatively warm, wet, and dark, just the perfect conditions for bacteria to thrive. While keeping your pearls clean is critical, your tongue deserves […]

Austin Restorative Dentistry
January 27, 2020

How Long Does a Cavity Filling Take?

  Dental cavities can occur at any age and if left untreated can leave behind serious damages. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, around 92% of all adults ages 20-64 have suffered at least one dental caries. When cavities strike, it is essential individuals seek Cavities and Fillings Dental Services. Texans Need Dental […]

Austin Preventive Dentistry
January 20, 2020

What are the advantages of digital imaging?

Technology at Cosmetic Dentist Downtown Austin TX dentistry has come a long way from the Wild West days of pulling teeth with crude instruments. The result of increasing technology in the field is higher quality dental work that is relatively pain-free at Austin Cosmetic Dentistry. One of the most exciting aspects of how technology has […]

open palm with syringe floating above
January 13, 2020

How Does Invisalign Move Teeth?

At the Toothbar, we know how challenging it can be when you are not comfortable with your smile. While most people associate orthodontics with children and teens, the American Association of Orthodontists reports that about one in five patients are adults. Misaligned teeth can limit your social interactions and your career choices. Severe problems can […]

Woman smiling after Cosmetic Bonding
January 6, 2020

Dental Cosmetic Bonding Service in Austin, Texas

Dental choices have grown rapidly over the past few years. Procedures ranging from general oral health checkups to advanced cosmetic dentistry can now be done quickly, more efficiently, and with less downtime. There is no longer reason to fear a trip to the dentist as most procedures involve minimal discomfort to patients. Our uniquely designed […]

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