Daily Health Tips

Daily Health Tips

Daily Health Tips

Tongue Health is important
April 26, 2021

Why Tongue Health is important

When considering oral health, taking good care of teeth and gums are usually some of the first things that come to a person’s mind. However, having a healthy tongue is key in keeping a healthy mouth. The tongue is the unsung hero of the mouth due to being multifunctional. Its functions include talking, swallowing, chewing, […]

Austin Preventive Dentistry
May 5, 2021

How Many Teeth Kids Have and How to Take Care of Them

Congratulations! Your baby’s first tooth just appeared. Start your child’s tooth care regimen early on to encourage good dental hygiene habits. Austin preventative dentistry at The Toothbar serves children as early as their first birthday to start regularly cleaning and maintaining their teeth. How Many Teeth Do Kids Have? According to Mount Healthy, a partner […]

Are All Mouthwashes The Same
May 17, 2021

Are All Mouthwashes The Same?

The use of mouthwashes in one’s daily oral hygiene routine is a helpful tool that can enhance both the appearance and overall health of your mouth. It can reach areas of your teeth that aren’t easily accessible to a toothbrush, there are options for a wide range of age groups and those with specialized needs, […]

Dental Implants Improve Your Facial Appearance  
May 31, 2021

How Dental Implants Can Improve Your Facial Appearance  

Statistically, almost twenty-six percent of American adults and thirteen percent of kids have untreated dental caries. Cavities, broken or cracked teeth, and sensitive teeth are some of the daily problems millions of people face. It’s unfortunate because they affect your health as much as your facial appearance. Some people experience bad breath from tooth problems, […]

don’t skip your next dental visit
June 14, 2021

Three times you don’t want to skip your next dental visit

The health of your gums, mouth, and teeth is more important than you might realize. And unless you’re having severe discomfort, you might find it tempting to cancel your next dental visit. You can’t control everything. Sometimes situations arise and you simply can’t keep an appointment. But here are three situations in which you want […]

Teeth Whitening for Children
July 8, 2021

Can Kids Use Teeth Whitening products?

Is it Safe for Kids to Use Teeth Whitening Products? Most people want a pearly white smile. Everyone in the media has such brilliant teeth — including kids — that anything short of that can seem like imperfection. It’s no surprise, then, that many parents want the same thing for their children. In fact, according […]

Bad Breath Behind Your Mask
July 12, 2021

Smelling Bad Breath Behind Your Mask? Here’s Why  

Let’s face it – the pandemic in 2020 was a lot of things, including insightful. There was one major lesson that many people learned while having to wear a mask everywhere – that they had bad breath. The mask was a relentless tutor in this lesson. It’s nothing to be embarrassed by and certainly nothing […]

White Spot on My Tongue
August 9, 2021

What’s This White Spot on My Tongue?  

When something is going on with your oral health, it is natural to be concerned. Although a white spot on the tongue is usually harmless and goes away on its own, it never hurts to have it checked by Austin Preventative Dentistry. With a dental examination, the white spot will be diagnosed and treated. Common […]

Smoking & Dental Implants
August 26, 2021

Can Smoking Disqualify Me From Getting Dental Implants?  

Many smokers wonder if they are at risk of losing their teeth because of smoking. Smoking harms your body in many ways and quitting the habit can help you protect your bones and teeth. Smoking also constricts blood vessels throughout your body. Smoking restricts the blood supply to your gums, teeth, and bones in your […]

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