What is a Scale & Polish?

October 26, 2020 - toothbar - 0 comments Austin Cosmetic Dentistry
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Scale and polish is a type of Austin cosmetic dentistry procedure that is recommended for all dental patients. Scaling is the removal of stains while polishing is the sealing of the cleaned surface. This procedure is necessary to maintain the total cleanliness and health of teeth and gums.

What Is It?

A scale and polish is performed as a form of professional teeth cleaning. Scaling is the removal of plaque and tartar buildup from the teeth. A scraper and other handheld tools are used to remove the deposits.

Polishing is the last step that makes the teeth’s surface smooth and shiny. It is similar to the final step of waxing a car. Any imperfections that were left behind after scaling are removed. Polishing is a common feature in Austin cosmetic dentistry. It’s the addition of chemicals that prevent further buildup on the teeth.

Why Is It Needed?

A scale and polish is needed for several reasons:

  • Reduce the risks of gum disease
  • Reduce the risks of tooth infections
  • Increase the whiteness and brightness of teeth
  • Improve the attractiveness of smiles

Gum disease is caused by a gradual buildup of plaque, tartar, and bacteria, which are found on most people’s teeth. Brushing your teeth is not the only solution. Austin preventative dentistry is designed to remove the effects of missed cleanings. When you neglect brushing for one or two days, you’ll feel a thin layer of hard, sticky film on the teeth. After a few weeks of neglect, you’ll feel a thick layer called calculus. The longer you leave it on, the harder it is to remove with a standard toothbrush. When these minerals poke under the gums, gum disease forms.

When Is It Needed?

Your dentist or dental hygienist may suggest that you get a scale and polish treatment once a year. Too many cleanings in one year is damaging to your teeth and will remove the natural enamel from its surface. It’s recommended that you give your teeth enough time to heal and preserve its natural condition. Too few cleanings have few positive effects on the health of your teeth and gums. It’s not advised for clients who need Austin Invisalign dentistry treatments that require clean teeth.

Scaling and polishing your teeth is designed for people who have built-up plaque. It’s also recommended for those who want whiter, brighter teeth, and as a precursor to people who want to be prepared for Austin Invisalign dentistry. Although a scale and polish is cosmetic, it’s also an important type of Austin preventative dentistry that detects and prevents the early signs of gum disease. The Toothbar provides a variety of dental services for individual patients and families. Contact us to schedule an initial consultation.

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