What are the advantages of digital imaging?

January 20, 2020 - toothbar - 0 comments Austin Preventive Dentistry
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Technology at Cosmetic Dentist Downtown Austin TX dentistry has come a long way from the Wild West days of pulling teeth with crude instruments. The result of increasing technology in the field is higher quality dental work that is relatively pain-free at Austin Cosmetic Dentistry.
One of the most exciting aspects of how technology has transformed dentistry is the introduction of digital imaging, which refers to the use of sensors to gather data and store it electronically to produce an image. The first example of digital imaging came in 1987 with the radio visio graphy (RVG). Since then, faster and stronger computers, coupled with improved sensory equipment, have made dental images even clearer and more detailed.
Here are some of the most important advantages of digital imaging in dental work and why we use it at Austin Cosmetic Dentistry.

Advantage #1: Time Saving and Patient Empowerment

Digital images are a breeze to snap. The entire image, following an x-ray, for example, will be visible within a few seconds. This allows the provider to reposition the sensors, if necessary, for a re-take, or to discuss with the patient their images. At Invisalign Downtown Austin, we’ve noticed that this is a night-and-day difference from traditional x-rays and other imaging devices which were slow and less detailed, making them more difficult to understand.

Advantage #2: Limits Patients’ Radiation Exposure

The cancer risks associated with long-term radiation exposure, including among patients who frequently receive x-rays, are a topic of intense interest among health practitioners. How much radiation from imaging equipment is too much? The exact answer remains unclear, but there is a definite benefit to limiting radiation exposure overall. Digital images process more quickly and therefore reduce exposure to patients at Invisalign Downtown Austin.

Advantage #3: Digital is Environmentally Responsible

As a society, we have become more aware of what we leave behind. These concerns are especially valid with imaging equipment because using conventional imaging technology results in a significant amount of waste. Processing solutions and films are costly to dispose of and harmful to the environment. Lead foil and silver salts are also unnecessary with digital imaging.

Digital imaging gives providers and patients clearer, easier-to-digest information that is vital to successful treatment at Cosmetic Dentist Downtown Austin TX. Furthermore, there is none of the physical waste left behind. Patient records stored digitally are easier to move, cutting down on administration costs. Moving forward, the technology will continue to develop and the task of imaging for dental work will likely become even more straightforward and cost-effective than it has already become due to better imaging practices.

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