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Austin Preventive Dentistry
Austin Preventive Dentistry
September 21, 2020

How to Know if You’re Suffering from Gum Disease

We have all been told to take good care of our teeth. The health of the gums, however, has an important role in oral health. Gum disease often goes undetected because it can present without pain or other symptoms. The early stage of gum disease is inflammation of the gums called gingivitis. An advanced stage […]

Teeth Change as You Age
September 14, 2020

Do Your Teeth Change as You Age?  

So many changes occur to the human body as you age. Many of them are disconcerting, and you wonder if you will ever be able to do things again the way that you used to do them. You may also find yourself concerned with your appearance, and concerned about your smile. Older adults will lose […]

Grinding Teeth
September 7, 2020

7 Ways to Stop Grinding Your Teeth  

Teeth grinding is an uncomfortable problem that can affect approximately 8 percent of adults. There are multiple reasons this can occur, but it usually happens at night. Since people are less likely to know it’s happening when they are asleep, teeth grinding (or Bruxism) can go undetected for years. Austin Cosmetic Dentistry can help patients […]

Austin Preventive Dentistry
September 1, 2020

5 Effective Dental Health Tips for Kids

Early childhood is the most important time to instill healthy, lifelong habits in children. This includes teaching them the importance of brushing properly and visiting the dentist regularly. Here are a few, effective dental health tips to teach the young members of your family. Encourage a Healthy Dental Diet: A lot of parents promote good […]

Austin Preventive Dentistry
August 24, 2020

Is Lockjaw a Dental Emergency?  

Listening to your body is a good tip on how to relieve lockjaw symptoms. However, this solution is not enough if the condition affects your normal, day-to-day functioning. It’s important that you know when the condition is serious and you need to seek help from a professional.   What Is Lockjaw? Lockjaw, also known as […]

Austin Cosmetic Dentistry
August 17, 2020

Dark Lines Around My Crowns And Veneers  

What to Do About Dark Lines Around My Crowns And Veneers It’s common to worry about dark circles and fine lines around your eyes. But it’s unusual to see dark lines or blotches forming around your newly restored teeth. This may be a sign of tooth decay, gum disease or an even worse condition. It’s […]

Austin Cosmetic Dentistry
August 10, 2020

Can I Ignore a Cracked Tooth if it Doesn’t Hurt?

No one wants to see a broken-off piece of tooth after eating. If there’s no way to prevent a crack from forming, there are ways to prevent it from getting worse. The reality is that it could worsen over time. It’s never a good idea to ignore a cracked tooth, and these are the reasons […]

Invisalign Dentist in Austin
August 3, 2020

Tips on How to Clean and Care for Invisalign Retainers

Are you wondering how to clean your retainer? The retainer sits inside the mouth and against the teeth. With time, bacteria, plaque, and tartar will accumulate on it. Like your teeth, ensure you clean the retainers daily. You can remove Invisalign retainers when eating, but plaque or food particles that get stuck inside or the […]

Austin Preventive Dentistry
July 20, 2020

Dental Care and Pregnancy

You’re expecting—congratulations! Now that you are pregnant, you have a few more responsibilities than you did when you were caring for just one. In addition to getting ready for baby to arrive, you must take care of your health in such a way that you are providing your child an optimal environment in which to […]

Austin Preventive Dentistry
July 13, 2020

Causes, Treatment and Prevention of Toothaches

According to the FDI World Dental Federation, 3.9 billion people in the world have been diagnosed with untreated dental caries making tooth cavities to be listed as one of the top 300 disease conditions by the Global Burden Disease Study. Another study was carried out in 2013 in the Kerman area that was to estimate […]

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