Austin Texas Invisalign
December 10, 2018

What dental problems can be fixed with Invisalign?

At the Toothbar in Austin, we desire to help you get your best smile at a reasonable price. One of the ways to get a great smile is to have straighter teeth. Laura Jacobsen at the Toothbar remains the recommended choice to provide dental straightening using the Invisalign method for people with mildly to moderately […]

teeth denture on top of blue shelf
January 2, 2019

Cosmetic Dentist procedures?

  The unbalanced sentiment of having the dental specialist’s devices granulate at your teeth is certainly not a lovely one, however we’re here to roll out an improvement in the business of Cosmetic Dentistry. The thing that matters is that at Toothbar, we’ve mixed current dental innovation with a promise to giving our visitors a […]

A woman receiving cosmetic dentistry treatment in Austin, TX
October 14, 2019

Is Invisalign Right For You?

Crooked bites and teeth cause feelings of insecurity. People hide their smiles when their teeth don’t look right. You can also have jaw pain and headaches if your teeth don’t fit together correctly. Fixing the way your teeth look and correcting your bite can go a long way to helping you feel and look better. […]

open palm with syringe floating above
January 13, 2020

How Does Invisalign Move Teeth?

At the Toothbar, we know how challenging it can be when you are not comfortable with your smile. While most people associate orthodontics with children and teens, the American Association of Orthodontists reports that about one in five patients are adults. Misaligned teeth can limit your social interactions and your career choices. Severe problems can […]

Austin Invisalign
May 11, 2020

Straighten Your Teeth With Clear Aligners

Clear aligners have grown hugely popular over the past few years as a better alternative to traditional braces. They are made of clear plastic and are made from molds of the mouth to properly fit so crooked or crowded teeth can realign into proper position. If you are considering getting clear aligners, you should know […]

Invisalign Dentist in Austin
August 3, 2020

Tips on How to Clean and Care for Invisalign Retainers

Are you wondering how to clean your retainer? The retainer sits inside the mouth and against the teeth. With time, bacteria, plaque, and tartar will accumulate on it. Like your teeth, ensure you clean the retainers daily. You can remove Invisalign retainers when eating, but plaque or food particles that get stuck inside or the […]

Austin Cosmetic Dentistry
October 12, 2020

Types of Teeth and How They Function

Types of Teeth You may not have considered the specific details of your teeth carefully. Learn more about how your teeth work to appreciate the natural tools that help you chew, eat, and speak. You’re also more likely to maintain excellent dental care, according to any Austin preventative dentistry expert. There are four main types […]

Need a Night Guard
November 17, 2020

Do You Need a Night Guard?

There are many different reasons why you would need to wear a nightguard provided by your dentist to assist with the issue of Bruxism. This is the scientific name for grinding your teeth while sleeping that has become a popular reason for visiting our Austin Invisalign Dentistry office. The Sleep Foundation explains each time you […]

Will Invisalign Change My Speech?
December 7, 2020

Will Invisalign Change My Speech?

When you step through the doors of The Toothbar office, you will find yourself looking at a vast array of ways of handling the issue of misaligned teeth. One of the latest pieces of technology for our dentists to use to help you is Invisalign, clear plastic trays designed to align your teeth efficiently. One […]

wear a night guard  
December 14, 2020

Four signs you might need to wear a night guard  

Signs you might need a night guard Dealing with unexplained, persistent pain can be a frustrating experience for anyone. Mouth pain, especially, can interfere significantly in your day-to-day life. In many cases, it’s discovered that nighttime jaw-clewing and grinding (formally known as bruxism) are the culprit behind various instances of jaw and mouth-related discomfort. With […]

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