Will Invisalign Change My Speech?

December 7, 2020 - toothbar - 0 comments Will Invisalign Change My Speech?
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When you step through the doors of The Toothbar office, you will find yourself looking at a vast array of ways of handling the issue of misaligned teeth. One of the latest pieces of technology for our dentists to use to help you is Invisalign, clear plastic trays designed to align your teeth efficiently. One area that has caused concern for patients at our Austin cosmetic dentistry office is the issue of speech changes during the Invisalign process. Some issues could be faced when you are using the skills of our Austin Invisalign dentistry office, but these are generally seen over the short-term.

Why Choose Invisalign?

When you are affected by a misaligned bite, you will be prone to seeing some of the most difficult ad painful dental problems. The American Dental Association explains the common issues seen with a misaligned bite includes:

  • Tooth decay
  • Tooth loss
  • Chewing issues
  • A loss of enamel

By working with the Austin cosmetic dentistry experts at The Toothbar, you will have the chance to avoid these oral health issues by installing an Invisalign mouthguard.

An Invisalign Lisp

Your speech may go through some changes when you first install the clear plastic trays used with the Invisalign process. If you were affected by a lisp earlier in life, our Austin Invisalign dentistry experts warn a return is possible in the early days of plastic tray use. Your tongue may take a few days to return to normality, with your lisp disappearing after a few days of use.

A lisp can be heard in patients who have an ill-fitting plastic tray installed. The most common problem facing our dental experts is posed by patients who do not remain still as they have a mold created for their unique Invisalign tray. Movement can create a larger than required plastic tray that does affect speech, inc some cases.

Early Speech Issues

NCBI reports some Invisalign wearers can be affected by some short-term speech issues when their plastic trays are first installed. There have been anecdotal reports of slow or slurred speech in the first few days of Invisalign use in patients who are struggling to come to terms with the wearing of clear plastic trays. The Toothbar, we believe these issues are rare and usually disappear within a few days when the clear plastic trays become a regular part of life for our patients.

When you are looking for assistance with misaligned teeth, the Austin Invisalign dentistry experts at The Toothbar will be able to guide you through the process and possible side effects of straightening your teeth, for more information contact us today.

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