What dental problems can be fixed with Invisalign?

December 10, 2018 - toothbar admin - 0 comments Austin Texas Invisalign
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At the Toothbar in Austin, we desire to help you get your best smile at a reasonable price. One of the ways to get a great smile is to have straighter teeth. Laura Jacobsen at the Toothbar remains the recommended choice to provide dental straightening using the Invisalign method for people with mildly to moderately crooked teeth in the Austin, TX area. Plus, we offer free dental consultations if you are considering using the Invisalign method of straightening your teeth.

What Dental Problems Can Be Fixed With Invisalign?

Invisalign treatment can be used for orthodontic problems such as:

  1. Overbite
  2. Gaps in the teeth
  3. Crossbite.
  4. Underbite.
  5. Open bite.
  6. Crowded teeth.
  7. Teeth that generally need straightening.

When using Invisalign, you’ll wear uniquely formed clear dental trays all day, every day. The Invisalign company recommends that you wear your dental trays for a minimum of 20 to 22 hours per day. The only time you need to take the dental trays off is when you brush and floss your teeth, as well as cleaning the trays to keep them free from debris. Every few weeks you’ll return to your dentist, who will provide you with your next set of dental trays that will continue to move your teeth.

What Happens During Invisalign Treatments?

If you want a straighter looking smile without using braces, contact Dr. Lauren Jacobsen at The Toothbar today to schedule a consultation. Dr. Jacobsen will evaluate your teeth and discuss with you the benefits of Invisalign. Then a panoramic image will be taken of the general health of your teeth and the underlying bone structure of your mouth.

Next, a 3D iTero Scanner will take a model of your teeth and gums and within a few minutes you’ll have a highly accurate model of your mouth, and we’ll be able to provide you with a good concept of what your teeth will look like after Invisalign treatment.

A few weeks after the scans are taken, you will be ready to start wearing your first set of Invisalign dental trays and start on your way to a more beautiful smile. Keep your trays on your teeth unless you eat, brush your teeth or floss your teeth.

You’ll come back for new aligners about every six weeks. When your teeth are as straight as we can make them, you’ll get a retainer to put on at night to keep your teeth from moving.

If you’ve spent years embarrassed about the way your teeth look, or you don’t want your teenager to go through their youth with a crooked smile, get in touch with us at Toothbar. Dr. Lauren Jacobsen will explain the details about the process. Dr. Jacobsen has the experience and training to provide you with Invisalign and a lovely smile in the Austin, TX area.

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