Types of Teeth and How They Function

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Types of Teeth

You may not have considered the specific details of your teeth carefully. Learn more about how your teeth work to appreciate the natural tools that help you chew, eat, and speak. You’re also more likely to maintain excellent dental care, according to any Austin preventative dentistry expert. There are four main types of human teeth that vary in function.


Premolars are located between the canine and molar teeth. They assist with chewing after the incisors and canines are used. Premolars are transitional teeth that allow the transfer from the incisors to the canines and to the molars. These teeth require the most straightening during an Austin Invisalign dentistry procedure.

They are known formally as the:

  1. Maxillary first premolar
  2. Maxillary second premolar
  3. Mandibular first premolar
  4. Mandibular second premolar


Molars are the base teeth located in the back of the mouth. They are more effective at grinding up food that cannot be broken apart by incisors or canines.

In the human mouth, there is an average of 12 molars that each contain four or five cusps.

Compared to the other teeth, molars are more likely to become afflicted with cavities, the accumulation of leftover food, and bacterial infections. As a result, molars are often the most removed teeth.


Incisors are teeth at the very front and center of the mouth. They are the most noticeable teeth when a person smiles or opens their mouth.

Incisors are designed to grind food as it first enters the mouth and then passes the remnants on to the premolars and molars. Incisors are least likely to get infected or develop cavities when proper dental care is not given; however, these teeth are the first to be afflicted by unsightly stains.


The human mouth has an average of four canine teeth. These fang teeth are present in many other mammals.

Fangs evolved as tools to make it easier to bite down on prey and tear apart tough meat. The teeth are sharply pointed and easy to find at the front of the mouth. In humans, they are known as the maxillary and mandibular canines.

Although not a common procedure, Austin cosmetic dentistry providers can increase or decrease the size of canine teeth.

Many people avoid going to the dentist throughout their lives. Obviously, they are not familiar with the specific types of teeth and their uses. Becoming more knowledgeable about your teeth and gums is important if you’re seeking Austin Invisalign dentistry or teeth whitening. It’s helpful when you’re preparing to undergo Austin Cosmetic and Preventative Dentistry at The Toothbar.

You’ll appreciate your teeth more and how important they are to have a good, healthy life.

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