The Benefits of Dental Spa at Toothbar

February 10, 2020 - toothbar - 0 comments Austin dental spa
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Discover the Benefits of Dental Spa at Toothbar

When you arrive at the Toothbar, you notice a difference right away. Chances are, a friend may have told you about this Austin Cosmetic Dentistry specialist. You may have noticed your friend’s great smile and asked how they made the change. They told you about SPA Dental Services Downtown Austin.

A big part of the SPA Dental Services Downtown Austin experience is helping people overcome their dental phobia. According to a study reported by Colgate, 30-40 million Americans avoid seeing a dentist because of anxiety and fear. Some are a little anxious. Others are terrified. You will find everyone at the Toothbar will go out of their way to assure each person is comfortable and happy.

You may know when someone avoids going to the dentist they will experience tooth decay and gum disease. What may surprise you is the other health consequences like diabetes, oral cancer, kidney failure, and even heart disease. The article goes on to say people who avoid the dentist will suffer from poorer health in general.

Austin Cosmetic Dentistry at the Toothbar

People come to the Toothbar for cosmetic and restorative dental treatment because they have seen the success experienced by others. The doctors at the Toothbar are committed to long-term personal relationships with their guests. You may expect excellence in cosmetic dental work. What may surprise you is the genuine care shown by Kimberly Barclay and Lauren Jacobsen.

The entire experience at the Toothbar is designed with your best interest at the center of everything. The ambiance is of a comfortable, inviting lounge. Inside you will find experienced dentists equipped with the most modern methods to serve you with a caring attitude and a pain-free visit.

Invisalign Downtown Austin

Professionals in the downtown Austin area come to the Toothbar to finally get their teeth straight using Invisalign. They understand appearance is a factor in how people judge them. Learning they can straighten their teeth with an almost undetectable clear aligner is great news. In this article, Mayo Clinic describes the differences between the old dental braces using wire and the new removable Invisalign option.

According to the Invisalign website, more than 7 million people have used these clear aligners to improve their smile. Maybe it’s time for you to consider Invisalign Downtown Austin.

The Importance of Dental Care

DentaVox surveyed 18,000 people worldwide and many of them (39 percent) said they were afraid of the pain from going to a dentist. The doctors at the Toothbar are committed to making you feel relaxed, welcome and pain-free.

You may have many options when it comes to finding a dentist to meet your needs. Forget the past visits to other dentists where you came in with a toothache and left in pain afterwards. The doctors at the Toothbar in Austin built their practice on making you smile every single day.

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