What causes the white spots on my teeth?

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White Spots on Teeth – Causes, Treatment, and Prevention

Oral health is one of the most critical aspects of your health. If you want to keep your teeth looking nice and avoid complications like tooth decay or gum disease, then keeping up with oral care is a must.


It’s well worth it in the end, not only for dental hygiene but for your overall wellness.

Causes of White Spots On Teeth

If you have white spots on your teeth, you must check with your dentist to determine the cause. Generally, when a white spot appears on your tooth’s surface, it results from some oral health problem.

Oral health problems can lead to teeth staining in several ways. One of them is the build-up of plaque or tartar due to gum disease or an untreated cavity left untreated by a dentist, soft tissue surgeon, or orthodontist.

You do not need to panic if a white spot appears on an otherwise healthy tooth. It is standard for this to happen; usually, it will only last for a few weeks or even days. The spot will gradually disappear as soon as the problem is appropriately treated.

Treatment of White Spot On Tooth

1. Treat The Underlying Bacteria

First, you should ask your dentist or dental hygienist about the cause of the discoloration. This way, you can avoid it from happening again if you treat the problem at its source.


At our Toothbar in Austin, we make sure to tell our patients about the causes as we follow up on them for better recovery.

2. Use Dental Whitening Strips Or Toothpaste

You can also use a whitening strip or toothpaste to lighten the area back to its original color. Many kinds of toothpaste currently on the market are designed to remove a white spot on your teeth and return them to their actual, bright color.

Visit us at Toothbar for quality products and talk to our Austin Cosmetic Dentists.

3. Use Toothpaste With Glycerin

Kinds of toothpaste with glycerin are well-known as a very effective whitening agent that can help you get rid of teeth staining, and they can also help you give your teeth a bright and uniform color.

Prevention Of White Spot On Tooth

An effective way to prevent white spots from occurring is to visit your dentist every six months for a teeth cleaning and check-up.


Making a habit of visiting your dentist regularly will help you avoid oral health problems so that you never have to worry about the appearance of white spots on your teeth.


At our Dentist Austin-based Toothbar, we can give you a check-up so that you do not have to worry about it anymore.

One way to prevent plaque build-up would be to brush your teeth twice daily.


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