Do You Want To Change The Shape Of Your Gums?  

March 8, 2021 - toothbar - 0 comments Gum Contouring
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No matter how thoroughly and frequently you floss, brush and go for cleanings, your smile may not appear attractive to you. Self-care and maintenance are essential for the health of the mouth but certain aesthetic aspects can not be corrected by diligence.

One major example of this is an uneven gum line that can make teeth look too large or too small. Such gums are not diseased or unhealthy in and of themselves; they simply occur out of proportion to the teeth.

Yet this condition does not have to be permanent or inevitable. Like other tissue, gums can be altered by means of cosmetic surgery.


What Causes Gums to Look Unbalanced?

A gum line that is too high or too low may not be due to poor brushing technique or using the wrong mouthwash. Of course, the likelihood of gum disorders is mitigated by a consistent and comprehensive regimen of oral hygiene practices. Such attention makes bacterial infections and periodontal disease less likely. Moreover, too much force in tooth brushing can indeed erode enamel and cause gums to recede. At any rate, recession afflicts over half the population between the ages of 16 and 64; for those over 65, the percentage is near 90. That said, the placement and shape of the gum line can also trace back to genetic make-up or hormonal changes. Certain prescription medications are implicated in the encroachment of gums over teeth.

Can This Condition Correct Itself?

No and yes. Receded gum tissue does not regenerate itself. The good news is that continued receding can be halted. In the first place, any flaws in brushing technique and oral care can be rectified in consultation with an Austin preventative dentistry practitioner. A deep cleaning by the dentist will also help to stifle the recession. Still, there are other procedures that an Austin cosmetic dentistry practice can perform to restore a more acceptable appearance to the gums.

Gum Contouring

Several techniques are available to an Austin cosmetic dentistry professional when it comes to changing the shape of the gums. Whether the method involves laser, radiation or the old-fashioned scalpel, the dentist will employ the optimal approach to suit the patients aims, while taking into account the genesis of the mis-shapen gums. Excess gum tissue can be cut away and removed. In the case of receding gums or a gum line that reveals too much tooth, the dentist can graft tissue taken from the roof of the mouth, for example, onto the existing gingival tissue. Most gum contouring is performed with a local anesthetic.

Austin Preventative Dentistry Practice

To see whether gum contouring or shape modification is right for you, the best course of action is to consult with dentists who are well established in a variety of cosmetic procedures. The Toothbar has such seasoned clinicians on staff, catering to those patients who hate going to the dentist. They can inform you on treatments and financing options.

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