How Dental Implants Can Improve Your Facial Appearance  

May 31, 2021 - toothbar - 0 comments Dental Implants Improve Your Facial Appearance  
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Statistically, almost twenty-six percent of American adults and thirteen percent of kids have untreated dental caries. Cavities, broken or cracked teeth, and sensitive teeth are some of the daily problems millions of people face. It’s unfortunate because they affect your health as much as your facial appearance. Some people experience bad breath from tooth problems, which causes discomfort in social settings. Austin cosmetic dentistry from the Toothbar has been helping people with such cases for years. They understand the importance of always looking your best.

Tooth problems affect your mouth’s function and your entire health. It’s also emotionally and financially draining if you don’t seek a permanent solution. Many Americans have chosen dental implants to remedy these situations and help with facial appearance. These are some of the benefits you stand to gain with dental implants from the Toothbar.

  1. Reduces Signs of Ageing: If you experience tooth loss, you might be experiencing early signs of aging. That can easily take a toll on your self-confidence and facial appearance. Austin preventative dentistry will be an ideal solution to prevent such cases. But if you are already experiencing the loss, you can choose to have the teeth with implants. The procedure will stimulate your jaw bone and prevent resorption from occurring. You would have reduced the early signs of aging and also improve your oral health.
  2. They Look Natural: Thanks to advanced technologies at the Toothbar, you will be leaving with the best possible results. Dental implants look and feel very realistic; you will return your natural smile. Most people with dental issues shy away from smiling and even conversing with others, especially new people. That’s why you need to consult Austin cosmetic dentistry if you are a victim. Their experts will have you feeling and looking great in no time. If you have other healthy teeth, the implants are made to blend perfectly with them and give you the most natural look possible. Unfortunately, most people don’t like going to the dentist; Austin dentistry tries to make your visit as comfortable as possible.
  3. Prevent Changes in Your Face’s Shape: Teeth are vital in supporting the face’s structure and shape; hence, dental implants can help maintain the shape of your face. Tooth loss will not only have you looking older but also change your appearance entirely. Implants will give your face the same support as your natural teeth. Sometimes when you have a gap in your mouth, teeth on either side may shift position, causing misalignment. The dental implants will support the adjacent teeth and give you a straight and even smile. Aside from implants, you can opt for cosmetic bonding if the injuries are not severe.
  4. Boosts Self-Confidence: Nothing brightens up the face like confidence. You may not have realized how essential teeth are in maintaining facial appearance until you lost one. Your facial features will start changing, and that’s when most people lose confidence. When you experience these changes, dental implants are the best solution. Visiting a dentist is very important; apart from getting viable solutions such as this, you will get advice on preventing future issues. People with gaps in their smiles are very self-conscious; you will often wonder what others think. But implants help you restore your facial appearance by boosting your confidence as well


Austin preventative dentistry is there to help you with any oral health issues when you are ready. Even after getting your implants, you need to see a dentist once in a while. They are a long-lasting solution to tooth loss, but they still need to be cared for.

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