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February 19, 2019 - toothbar - 0 comments Dental Plaque
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What is Dental Plaque?

Tooth plaque, or dental plaque, is essentially a great accumulation of bacteria in the mouth which results in having sticky tartar around the teeth. The substance can spread to the gums and inside the cavities, and can cause other disease or infections.

When tooth plaque formation is ignored for a long period of time, it gradually builds up and can decay the tooth; and while causing gingivitis and periodontitis. Removing mouth bacteria is key to good dental health. The Toothbar suggests to brush twice daily and use dental floss to prevent and control plaque.

The sticky, colorless film of bacteria that constantly accumulates on our teeth and gums causes cavities and gum diseases. If left unchecked, it becomes hardened tartar that attaches itself to the teeth enamel below the gum line.

The common symptoms of tooth plaque, as observed by The Toothbar, are mainly inflammation and irritation around the teeth. And when one lets it build up to tartar, the tartar turns brown or yellow and is deposited in between teeth at the gum line.

The acids from bad plaque also begin to attack teeth when left unchecked, breaking down the tooth enamel and eventually resulting in tooth loss. Old plaque also causes gums to bleed, get swollen, and turn red from irritation.


The Toothbar Plaque Prevention Guide

  1. Brush twice a day thoroughly to remove any plaque from teeth surface.
  2. Use dental floss daily to reach affected areas that a toothbrush can’t.
  3.  Limit consumption of sugary or starchy foods.
  4.  Schedule an appointment with us for professional cleaning and examinations.


Bad tooth plaque can prevent physical, financial, and emotional pain. We understand that toothaches can be quite encumbering, so at Toothbar, we ensure your dental health is taken care of while providing a smooth experience in our Austin clinic.

We also specialize in defense against harmful dental conditions, caused by the lack of hygiene or abnormal diets, as well as from minor injuries. Tooth deterioration begins from the back of the teeth and gets worse with each chew, which also releases enamel-destroying acid.

In addition to our preventative care, consuming raw vegetables such as celery aids in removing food particles and producing saliva that neutralizes plaque acids. It keeps the back of your teeth healthy, the ones with many grooves and spaces where most of the plaque accumulates. Keeping your dental health in check daily delays any decays and eliminates the potential for any tooth decay/ loss.

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