Do Your Teeth Change as You Age?  

September 14, 2020 - toothbar - 0 comments Teeth Change as You Age
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So many changes occur to the human body as you age. Many of them are disconcerting, and you wonder if you will ever be able to do things again the way that you used to do them. You may also find yourself concerned with your appearance, and concerned about your smile.

Older adults will lose teeth, but with modern dentistry to help, the object is to keep your teeth as long as you can. When properly cared for you may retain your teeth well into old age. Yet, teeth will still change and appear differently when you are sixty than when you were thirty. There are several reasons why this occurs, as well as approaches to saving your teeth, making your teeth healthier, and making your smile look its best at any age.

Teeth Wear Down

When you bite down, the force of your jaws coming together delivers about seventy pounds per square inch! That’s a lot of force, and it is applied to everything you chew. Repeating that much force over and over again results in the wearing down of your teeth. Add to it any conscious or unconscious grinding of your teeth when no food is present in your mouth, and you get some very worn teeth.

Part of taking care of your teeth, according to Austin Preventative Dentistry, is to wear a mouth guard when you are not eating. Usually meant to be worn at night, there are guards that can be worn during the day if you need one. It protects your teeth from excess grinding due to stress and bruxism or grinding your teeth when you sleep.

Teeth Yellow

Yellow teeth are not attractive, that is certain. Unfortunately, food stains and tobacco products, as well as certain medications taken for medical conditions later in life, cause your teeth to turn yellow. The older you are, the darker the yellow color. If you are not liking what you see in the mirror, you can request some procedures from Austin Cosmetic Dentistry that include professional whitening services and/or veneers to keep your smile very white.

Crooked Teeth

Whether you had a crooked tooth or two, to begin with, that quickly becomes irrelevant in old age. Your gums soften, your teeth wear down, and the teeth become loose. Loose teeth move. They will shift into all kinds of positions you have never seen them in before. You can continue to care for your teeth, but you may want to consider adult orthodontics, such as the kind provided by Austin Invisalign Dentistry. Austin Invisalign Dentistry creates custom clear removable braces that slowly put your teeth back where they were and make your smile look younger.

Ready to Get and Keep a Perfect Smile for Life?

By visiting the Austin Preventative Dentistry Center and the Austin Cosmetic Dentistry Center located in The Toothbar, you can begin to achieve a new and better smile. We are waiting to hear from you. Contact us today for a consultation.

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