Does Teeth Whitening Damage Your Teeth?

January 3, 2022 - toothbar - 0 comments Texas Woman smiling a great white smile
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Several reasons can cause teeth discoloration. As such, teeth discoloration is either extrinsic or intrinsic. Extrinsic discoloration is when teeth are stained by food, drinks or smoking, affecting the outside of your teeth. Intrinsic discoloration, on the other hand, occurs from within the tooth due to the use of certain medication, infection or aging.

Consequently, several options for whitening your teeth are available. Most of the options are safe, but others may have side effects. According to Forbes, the most common adverse side effect is that of teeth whitening for sensitive teeth.

Here are some ways in which teeth whitening may cause damage to your teeth.

1. Does Whitening strip damage teeth?

If you want your teeth whiter, one option is over-the-counter (OTC) whitening strips. The strips are applied twice a day to the teeth, and most of them contain some hydrogen peroxide. Some may contain other bleaching agents at varying concentrations. However, one question disturbs many who want to whiten teeth. Does teeth whitening damage your teeth?

While the OTC products may whiten your teeth, notwithstanding taking longer, they are limited to removing extrinsic stains. Studies have shown whitening teeth with hydrogen peroxide-containing products can damage the tooth. Statistics reports indicate that more than 40.5 US people use whitening products. Stockton University, NJ researchers intend to reveal how hydrogen peroxide damages teeth and the part of tooth attacked.

As a form of dentistry, you should only allow a dentist to carry out your teeth whitening. Austin Cosmetic Dentistry is a dentist offering all-inclusive dental care. Located downtown, you will get the best of the Austin Teeth Whitening. With new techniques in cosmetic dentistry, you will be served with empathy and expertise.

2. Risks of Hydrogen Peroxide

The tooth is enclosed by a rigid outer layer known as enamel. The hard protective layer covers the softer dentin beneath. The dentin being darker compared to enamel is the one that is responsible for the discoloration of teeth. Therefore, teeth whitening requires hydrogen peroxide to penetrate into dentin.

As a result, it is the dentin that is whitened. Since the dentin pulp has nerves, you may experience some pain during teeth whitening. More so, if teeth whitening for sensitive teeth are done using hydrogen peroxide, destruction of collagen protein in dentin may occur. If you experience pain after whitening, it is the sure way your body is saying damage has been done.

Ultimately, the question “does teeth whitening damage your teeth?” is answered. Dr H. Jinder, a periodontist and an official of the New York Dental Association, said, “People may get the temptation to overuse them, and this eventually causes damage”.

Final word

The products and options for tooth whitening are many. Some products are purchased over-the-counter and used at home. However, due to the resultant risk for tooth damage, you are advised to seek the services of a dentist. The Toothbar, downtown Austin, has served numerous clients and restored their smiles. Call: 512-949-8202.

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