Does Whitening Toothpaste Work?

February 2, 2021 - toothbar - 0 comments Does Whitening Toothpaste Work
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If you consume American media, you’ve likely seen at least one ad within the past few days for teeth whitening toothpaste. Lots of manufacturers promise fantastic results, but do they deliver? An entire economic machine powers the dissemination of “whitening” advertising schemes and “miracle” teeth whiteners. The teeth whitening industry generates about $6.6 billion around the world every year – plenty of incentive to exaggerate certain products’ abilities to whiten teeth.
In this article, we will separate fact from fiction regarding how effective whitening toothpastes really are. We will also explore how Austin Preventative Dentistry and Austin Cosmetic Dentistry can assist you with your teeth whitening.

Common Ingredients in Effective Whitening Toothpaste

Different brands of whitening toothpaste contain various ingredients. The most common whitening aids used include:

  • Hydrogen peroxide. This is one of the more common whitening tools available to consumers. It has an impressive safety profile and is extremely well tolerated by most people who use it.
  • Carbamide peroxide. The FDA has approved 10% carbamide peroxide-containing toothpastes for whitening purposes.

Professional dentists often use carbamide peroxide with patients in their practices.
This pair of peroxides is the most effective, safest solution for teeth whitening on the market.

Do ‘Alternative’ Whitening Ingredients in Toothpaste Work?

So-called “alternative,” “natural,” or similarly-themed toothpastes do not contain fluoride, hydrogen peroxide, or other “chemicals” considered by the loosely-defined “natural healthcare” community to be unsafe.
Instead, “natural” whitening toothpastes may contain coconut oil, charcoal, citrus extracts, or other ingredients. While there may be some indication of effectiveness for some of these ingredients (coconut oil for oil pulling, for example), they do not achieve the same results as hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide.

Professional Whitening in a Dental Clinics vs. At-Home Whitening

For best results, you might want to consider professional whitening services from an experienced dentist who specializes in the practice. Austin Cosmetic Dentistry is an industry leader in high-quality teeth whitening services.
Of course, visiting the dental clinic for routine professional whitening can be inconvenient, so many dental patients would prefer to do their own whitening at home with occasional supplemental whitening at the dental clinic.

The Bottom Line on Whitening Toothpastes

If you are going to use a whitening toothpaste, select one that contains hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide as its whitening ingredient for optimal safety.
If you have any questions about the best teeth whitening solutions, including tips on toothpaste, contact us. The experts at Austin Preventative Dentistry take the time to consult with each of our patients one-on-one.

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