Effects of Leaving Cavities Untreated

August 15, 2022 - toothbar - 0 comments Man getting a cavities check up at the dentist
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Issues Associated With Untreated Cavities

Cavities are a form of tooth decay that presents tiny holes in the teeth. Cavities are common, especially in young children.

The CDC reports that 52% of kids aged 6 to 8 had cavities in their primary teeth (baby teeth), and 90% of adults aged 20 or older have had at least one cavity.

For more information about cavity statistics, check out this article by the CDC.

While cavities are a common dental problem in both kids and adults, leaving cavities untreated can bring forth a host of issues.

Cavities left untreated can lead to pain and infections which can lead to further issues such as problems eating and speaking.

Abscesses caused by cavities can spread under the gums and to other parts of the body causing potentially fatal results if the infection progresses.

To learn more about how cavities can affect your health, visit Mayoclinic.com.

Treating CavitiesThe treatment for cavities can range from fillings to possible tooth extraction if the cavity is severe.

To avoid a cavity turning into a much larger issue such as a severe infection, it is best to regularly visit the dentist and practice good oral hygiene.

Cavities and fillings often go hand in hand with sipping overly sugary drinks, snacking, the bacteria in the mouth, and not cleaning the teeth well.

At the Toothbar, an Austin Preventative Dentistry facility, we strive to help educate the Austin area about the importance of both preventing and treating cavities.

Unfortunately, cavities are not fully preventable which is why regular dental cleanings and checkups are crucial to locating cavities before they progress.

Oftentimes cavities are thought of as a dental issue primarily associated with children.

While cavities and fillings are common in kids, they are common amongst adults too.

Nearly 1 in 4 adults between the ages of 20 and 64 currently have a cavity.

For adults, cavities affect the permanent teeth and severe infection or decay of the permanent teeth can lead to the need for root canals, crowns, and tooth extractions.

Luckily, if cavities are caught early on, fluoride treatments can be used to help strengthen the tooth’s enamel to prevent further damage.

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