Gum Lift Surgery: Reshaping a Receding Gumline

November 30, 2020 - toothbar - 0 comments Gum Lift Surgery
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Receding gum lines is a prevalent dental condition that affects many people globally, especially in the United States. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently released a report indicating that about half of adults above 30 years in the US suffer from periodontal disease. Furthermore, the study shows that men, individuals living below the poverty line, and current smokers are at a greater risk of developing periodontal illness and receding gum lines.

Other studies indicate that most people do not seek dental health care because it is usually expensive. Our Austin Preventative Dentistry medical professionals recommend seeking medical attention because statistics from CDC show that about 70% of untreated receding gums lead to tooth loss. At Austin Cosmetic Dentistry, we are committed to providing our patients with favorable and affordable options, such as reshaping receding gum lines.

Receding Gum Lines.

The ailment might present as either uneven gum lines with an extension of teeth length or a “gummy smile.” Since there is a marked decrease in the gum tissue to hold the teeth in place, such a situation increases the likelihood of losing teeth significantly. Additionally, untreated receding gums lead to teeth damage and pain because of exposure of the roots. Our Austin Preventative Dentistry physicians’ can diagnose the extent of your receding gum line and schedule a gum lift surgery.

What is a Gum Lift Surgery?

Gum lift surgery is a periodontal procedure performed to reshape an individual’s gum, improving their smile and social life. The dental operation is used for medical and cosmetic reasons depending on the prevailing dental condition. When one desires to enhance their laugh or smile appearance, gum lifting is combined with other dental procedures like crown lengthening and pocket reduction. Conversely, a gum lift is considered a medical requirement when a patient requires the addition or removal of excess gum tissue that might cover the tooth’s crown.

Types of gum lifting techniques include:

  • Laser gum lift.
  • Surgical gum lift.
  • Laser gum contouring.

What to Expect from a Gum Lift?

A certified dentist uses radiosurgery, laser, and scalpels to perform a gum lift or contouring operation. The process occurs under the administration of a local anesthetic to numb the area under surgery. During a gum lift, a laser and dentistry tools are used to scrape and reshape gum tissue. Additionally, the dentists might decide to separate gum tissue from the bone and re-attach it after trimming it.

Cautions to Take during Recovery.

After a gum lift procedure, you should avoid eating spicy or sticky food to prevent irritating the gums during recovery. Physicians recommend that patients maintain regular dental care like frequent flossing and teeth brushing to complement the healing process. However, patients should gently floss and brush their teeth to avoid damaging or irritating the gums. In addition, patients should adhere to prescribed pain-relieving medications like acetaminophen and aspirin to prevent bleeding.

Our dentists at Austin Cosmetic Dentistry are here to help you prevent and correct receding teeth. We invite you to visit our Tooth bar for more information regarding our facility and schedule a dental appointment and surgery with our dentists if you have dental problems, including receding gum lines. You can get more information regarding gum lift surgery and other related dental issues by contacting 512.949.8202

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