How are Teeth Implants Done?

October 15, 2018 - toothbar admin - 0 comments Dental implants process
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Untreated dental cavities that may eventually require tooth extractions occur in about 31.6% of Americans. A tooth infection is frequently accompanied by symptoms such as tooth pain, bad breath, and tooth discoloration. The resultant tooth pain can lead to difficulty eating or speaking, and severely hamper an individual’s ability to take part in their normal life activities. However, the outlook isn’t hopeless! Trusted dentists at The Toothbar in Austin are ready and able to help those who may need a tooth implant to replace a tooth that requires extraction. While many Americans sometimes struggle with nervousness relating to dental work, these worries are frequently unfounded. Neighborhood dentists at The Toothbar are there to help patients improve their health and live better lives. Much of the hesitance some people feel towards visiting the dentist is the result of not knowing what to expect. This article will elucidate the process of tooth implants in the hopes of helping those suffering get the help they need.

When an issue in a tooth has progressed to the point that the tooth cannot be saved, the patient’s dentist will first pull the tooth. While it may seem counterintuitive, pulling the tooth will greatly decrease the pain experienced by the patient. Those eligible for a tooth implant will eventually end up with a smile just as bright as before their trouble started. This is because a dental implant looks the same as a normal tooth and provides the same functional abilities. A tooth implant doesn’t affect neighboring teeth in the same way that bridges or crowns do. To install a bridge or a crown, the teeth adjacent must be filed down to compensate for the adhesive material that secures the bridge. This modification is not necessary for a dental implant. Tooth implants also have the added benefit of keeping the jaw bone healthy and preventing any jaw deformities that can occur when a non-implanted dental structure is inserted.

To begin, the patient’s dentist will insert an anchor for their new tooth. Over time, this anchor will actually bind to the jaw bone, resulting in an implant just as strong as a natural tooth. This anchor is allowed to settle for a few weeks while it is incorporated into the jaw. There’s no need to worry about it’s appearance though, because a dentist can provide their patient with a cover for the anchor that resembles a tooth until the rest of the procedure can be completed. Next, your dentist will add an extension to the anchor, which will again be given some time to heal before the next step. Finally, your dentist will attach a custom-made crown to the anchor, giving you a new, perfectly functional tooth.

Patients in Austin suffering from severe dental cavities and searching for help need look no further than the dentists at The Toothbar. Their patient-focused approach will provide you the expertise and comfort you need to get back your bright, healthy smile.

Located in downtown Austin, The Toothbar is pleased to help residents restore both the looks and health of their teeth with minimal pain. If you believe you have gingivitis or other dental problems, don’t hesitate to call us. Our number is 512.949.8202.

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