How Dental Crowns Work?

June 30, 2022 - toothbar - 0 comments picture of dental crowns being placed on teeth
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When a tooth becomes weak, discolored, or chipped, you may want to find out more about a dental crown. A dental crown, it is able to repair a tooth that has a severe cavity due to tooth decay. The crown is able to repair the tooth by acting as a cap that helps the tooth regain its natural appearance and strength. In fact, the crown is a very popular procedure that is commonly used by the dental professionals at Toothbar.

When a crown is set, it will cover the entire top of the tooth. If your dentist recommends a crown, it will be due to a significant cavity that has appeared. Sometimes, a child may have a crown in order for baby teeth to remain protected.

How a Dental Crown Works

If the above explanation is not enough to understand what a dental crown is and how it works, then you should also know that it is a great solution for a temporary or permanent basis. If you are planning to have a crown as a permanent fixture, you can expect a temporary crown to be set first. The temporary will be used while you are waiting for the permanent to be created.

As a crown recipient, you have different types available such as a traditional crown and a CEREC crown. If you have the CEREC crown, it can be set in a few short hours and without you needing to make a return appointment. If this option sounds good, you can talk to your dentist at Toothbar for all of your Austin dental crowns. They will go over the advantages and disadvantages of a crown and if you would be a perfect candidate.

The Traditional Dental Crown

Having a dental crown made in the traditional manner has several steps involved. First off, an impression will be made. Once the impression is obtained, it will be sent to a dental lab for fabrication. As you are waiting, there will be a temporary crown set. When the permanent crown is ready, you will have it set by your dentist during a follow-up appointment.

The CEREC Crown

By getting ahold of the dental professionals at Toothbar, you may enquire about a dental crown known as the Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics crown. This crown allows you to enjoy a short dental visit to achieve the same great result as you would with a traditional crown. By implementing 3D technology and CAD design, you can expect your crown to be fitted in under 3 hours.

As part of the CEREC crown process, a digital image will be obtained of the tooth. Once the image is obtained, the crown can be fabricated while waiting at the dental office. The crown that is manufactured comes from a single piece of resin or ceramic that gets set with an adhesive. This crown option is very popular and is very quick so that you are not at the dental office all day.

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As you get your dental crowns at Toothbar, you will have a clear understanding of what a crown is and how it works. Give them a call today to experience the professional dental care that you expect.

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