How Long Does a Cavity Filling Take?

January 27, 2020 - toothbar - 0 comments Austin Restorative Dentistry
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Dental cavities can occur at any age and if left untreated can leave behind serious damages. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, around 92% of all adults ages 20-64 have suffered at least one dental caries. When cavities strike, it is essential individuals seek Cavities and Fillings Dental Services.

Texans Need Dental Services to Protect the Health of Their Teeth

When the Texas Health Institute released its latest report on oral health, it was surprising to see that 11.6% of adults living in Texas have poor oral health. One of the biggest threats to a person’s oral health is cavities. When a cavity becomes severe, individuals must obtain Restorative Dentistry Austin.

Cavities Take Their Toll in Many Ways

Cavities can occur in any teeth but are most common in the molars. Cavities occur when acids develop from the foods people consume. These acids start to eat away at the protective enamel and cause erosions that eventually lead to deep cavities. When cavities become painful, people start looking for a dentist near me.

Cavities not only cause damage to the affected tooth, but the decay can also spread to surrounding teeth. In some cases, the decay becomes so profound it leads to infections.

Once the cavity has become severe, it will cause the nerve to be exposed which can lead to severe pain. Over time, the tooth becomes more damaged, discolored, and vulnerable.

The Dentist Can Fix Cavities Quickly

When a cavity strikes, it is essential individuals schedule an appointment for Cavities and Fillings Dental Services in Austin. Waiting too long to see a dentist for treatment will lead to advanced decay and the possible need for a root canal or tooth extraction.

Dentists first numb their patients and then remove the decayed tissue. Special filling materials are put in place to seal the opening and ensure the tooth is made strong again so it does not suffer damage. Because the tooth is numb during the procedure, no discomfort is felt.

Toothbar Provides Relief From Toothaches

Tooth decay causes pain, discoloration, foul breath, and tooth destruction. When a cavity is treated in its earliest stages, ongoing damage and pain can be avoided.

Toothbar is not your average dentist. They are more like a dental spa, located in beautiful Austin, Texas. Because many people dread or even fear going to the dentist, Toothbar has made their office welcoming and relaxing. They pamper their patients from start to finish, making even getting a tooth filling a relaxing and enjoyable experience. With their services for Restorative Dentistry Austin, individuals can rest assured their smile health will be the top priority.

Call now to schedule your appointment with the Toothbar dentist near me. Your oral health is important, and cavities can mar your smile and cause it to become damaged. Allow Dr. Kimberly Barclay and Dr. Lauren Jacobsen to take care of all your dental needs so your smile continues to be healthy, strong, and beautiful.

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