How Long Does Cosmetic Bonding Last?

November 9, 2022 - toothbar - 0 comments Woman at the dentist getting a cosmetic bonding procedure
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Cosmetic bonding is a type of cosmetic procedure that can improve the appearance of your teeth. It uses resin that matches the color of your natural teeth to correct imperfections. Bonding can address a variety of issues to restore your smile and self-confidence.

What is Cosmetic Bonding?

The cosmetic bonding procedure, which is also known as teeth bonding, can help to improve the look of your teeth. Durable plastic material, resin, is applied to the teeth by an orthodontist to correct cosmetic dental issues such as broken teeth, cracks, chips, gaps, decay, and even discoloration.

Over time, your teeth can suffer from these and other problems and your smile can deteriorate. This leads to embarrassment and a lack of self-esteem, but dental bonding can help to fix them.

An Austin dentist at Toothbar can perform this cosmetic procedure for you if you have any of these problems and want to restore your smile. Dental bonding can also correct the shape or length of your teeth or protect the roots of teeth that are exposed due to gum disease.

Cosmetic bonding is a common procedure in downtown Austin and other areas. Toothbar can provide you with the procedure if you are interested in cosmetic dentistry and want to have problems corrected.

If you have avoided smiling to expose your teeth, getting dental bonding can reverse that so you can resume smiling with confidence.

What Happens During the Cosmetic Bonding Procedure?

When you see an Austin cosmetic dentist for dental bonding, there are a variety of steps involved. The procedure includes the following:

  • Preparation: Preparation is fast for teeth bonding. Unless the procedure is being done to fill a decayed tooth, you will probably not need anesthesia.

The dentist often merely needs to choose a composite resin color to match the natural color of your teeth.

  • Bonding: During the bonding process itself, the orthodontist roughens the tooth’s surface and applies conditioning liquid to help the bonding material stick to the tooth.

The resin is shaped and molded during application and hardened using a laser. After it hardens, the dentist will continue shaping and trimming it to the desired look and polish it so that it matches visually with the rest of the tooth.

  • Completion: The bonding procedure is complete within 30 to 60 minutes per tooth.

You may want to discuss your options with your Austin cosmetic dentist to determine whether dental bonding is the best option for you based on your unique issues.

How Long Does Cosmetic Bonding Last?

Depending on how well you care for your teeth, cosmetic bonding can last anywhere from 5 to 10 years before you need a touch-up.

After your procedure, it’s crucial to carefully follow the instructions from our downtown Austin office. Avoid bad habits involving the teeth such as nail-biting.

Follow your regular oral hygiene care and brush your teeth at least twice per day and floss once. Use an antiseptic mouthwash at least once per day.

Finally, see your Austin dentist for regular cleanings and checkups at least every six months. All of these good habits can help you lengthen the lifespan of your dental bonding procedure.

What are the Benefits of Cosmetic Bonding?

Teeth bonding carries numerous benefits. If you have cosmetic issues with your teeth, you might want to consider having the procedure done for the following reasons:

  1. Convenience: Dental bonding is fast and convenient and can be completed in a single appointment. This dramatically differs from alternative cosmetic dental procedures like crowns or veneers, which require multiple visits to the dental office.
  2. Inexpensive: Compared to other cosmetic dental procedures, dental bonding is inexpensive.
  3. Minimally invasive: Dental bonding is minimally invasive and usually doesn’t even require anesthesia.
  4. Versatile: The dental bonding procedure is versatile as it can address a variety of cosmetic dental issues rather than just one or two.

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