How to stop grinding teeth

April 23, 2019 - toothbar - 0 comments Cosmetic Dentist in Austin
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The key to a good night’s sleep and good oral health is a balanced and comfortable bite and low stress. If you find yourself grinding your teeth a lot and feeling oral discomfort, this is called bruxism. Bruxism can lead to serious wear on healthy teeth that are otherwise well taken care of. It can exert excessive pressure and cause teeth to crack, bone loss, and tooth enamel loss. If you don’t want to be wearing a set of dentures at an early age, you should try to solve these oral problems before they progress into more severe problems.


Who Offers Bruxism Treatment in Austin, TX?

The Toothbar is the hotspot for Austin Restorative Dentistry because they offer a spa-like experience that helps to eliminate the stress and discomfort associated with visiting the dentist. Austin Restorative Dentists, Dr. Jacobsen, and Dr. Barclay use their state-of-the-art 3D digital imaging equipment and advanced training to solve diverse bruxism problems. In most patients, it is the activity of a few specific muscles that cause them to become restless. The patients nervously adjust their bites each night but never seem to get comfortable. They generally have crooked teeth or other problems affecting their bites. The Tooth Bar Austin Restorative Dentistry Clinic is dedicated to finding the root sources of bruxism to eliminate them. The Tooth Bar Austin Restorative Dentists can rebalance your jaw and ensure optimal comfort.

The symptoms of bruxism can be overbearing. Many develop soreness in the jaw, migraine headaches, and even clicking in the jaw. The impact on teeth is what is most alarming and will lead to the need for many ceramic inlays, fillings, crowns, or even dentures if left untreated.


Is a Custom-Molded Mouth Guard the Solution?

The Toothbar does offer custom-fitted mouthguards to treat bruxism. However, a mouth guard may be a temporary solution to a deeper pathology. If you are not able to solve the underlying problem, you may be setting yourself up for years of discomfort. A mouthguard can only aid in reducing the effects of bruxism at night. But some people have a nervous habit of adjusting their jaws and clenching their teeth during the day to find a comfortable position. Although it may seem bearable, years of additional wear and pressure can take a toll on teeth.


What Are the Alternative Methods?

As stated, bruxism can often be isolated to specific jaw muscles. Some patients are now using Botox to temporarily paralyze these muscles and, thereby, reducing the frequency and intensity of the grinding habit. Other patients are turning to hypnosis, acupuncture types of therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and other general stress reduction methods to reduce anxiety-induced bruxism.


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No matter what the underlying reason for your bruxism may be, The Toothbar has the proper technology and training to pinpoint the source of the bruxism. And because knowing is half the battle, you can get started on a treatment plan right away and start reducing the discomfort and damage associated with the nervous disorder. Relax in a spa-like dentistry experience that makes you want to come to the dentist. Many of our customers are leaving with big bright smiles on their faces and not just because we used laughing gas or whitened their teeth. Most patients find that the entire Toothbar atmosphere makes dentistry enjoyable.

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