Invisalign for Underbite

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What is an Underbite?

Also known as prognathism or Class III malocclusion, an underbite occurs when the teeth located on the bottom section of the mouth extend forward, thereby, making the jaw look like they are pushing outward from the mouth.

Underbites range from mild to severe. What’s more, they normally do not fix them naturally, and this is where an Austin Cosmetic Dentist comes in handy.

With several years of providing dental care to the residents of downtown Austin, the Toothbar dentists can help you fix prognathism.

What Causes Underbites?

1.-  The major cause of underbites is genetics. That is to say, you are likely to have Class III malocclusion if at least a member of your family has it.

2.- Trauma or injury can make a jaw break. While there are treatments to help the jaw heal back to its place, this sometimes does not work. If the jaw does not heal properly, this can lead to Class III malocclusion.

When searching for a dentist near you, make sure you go for experienced personnel that offers quality dental care treatment.

Other causes of underbites are a tumor, which can misalign or shift your jaw, and bad childhood habits like thumb sucking.


Why Should I Fix My Underbite?

You should fix your prognathism because it can affect your health in several ways. These are:

3.- Causing Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD): Temporomandibular joint is the hinge connecting your skull to the jaw. People with TMD feel like their jaws are locked in one position. These individuals are likely to experience excruciating pain every time they try to move their jaws.

4.- Halitosis: Commonly known as chronic bad breath, halitosis is another reason why you should have your prognathism fixed. Underbites tend to cause a bacterial infection, which, in turn, develops in the mouth; hence, leading to bad breath.


How to Fix Underbites

Dentists rely on many different orthodontic methods to fix underbites. These include:

5.– Braces that are used in mild cases of underbites. They are used to straighten the teeth as well as to realign the jaw.

6.- Elastics, which you wear inside your mouth to create balance by pulling the upper jaw forward.

7.- Surgery, which is recommended in severe cases of underbites. A surgery for fixing prognathism not only relieves pain but also can correct sleep apnea as a result of underbites not to mention realigning the jaw.


Does Invisalign Help Fix Underbite


Yes, Invisalign does help fix underbites. Under this treatment method, an Austin cosmetic dentist provides you with clear and removable plastic aligner trays that you are supposed to wear.

These trays guide your teeth gently, thereby, making sure they are properly aligned. As the treatment moves from one step to another, the dentist provides you with a different set of trays.


What are the Benefits of Using Invisalign for Underbites?


The following are the benefits of Invisalign in fixing prognathism:

  1. Aligners are transparent and thin; hence, are likely to go unnoticed.
  2. Fewer visits to the dentist compared to someone with metal braces.
  3. The trays do not take plenty of effort to remove when you want to eat, floss, or brush.

The prevalence of underbites in the U.S. is 1-5%. Although underbites are not as common as overbites, which have patients at more than 80%, it is important that you have a professional dentist fix them. With that said, contact us today to schedule a consultation.


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