Is Coconut oil good for your teeth?

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Is Coconut oil good for your teeth?

Your teeth are vital because they help to build the contours of your face and make it easy to chew and digest food properly. When you consider all the pressure that they are under to perform and how long they have to last you, every possible step should be taken to preserve them. The Toothbar, Austin dental center, clients frequently ask us whether coconut oil is a healthy choice for their teeth. In response, we have created a blog to explain all about the benefits of coconut oil.

How Does Coconut Oil Prevent Tooth Decay?

Coconut oil is unique in the world of oils because it contains high levels of lauric acid. This fatty acid chain has a profound antibacterial effect and appears to be especially effective at killing oral bacteria. Because oral bacteria is the source of halitosis, tooth decay, and infections, using coconut oil while brushing your teeth or pulling can reduce the risks of oral health problems. 

For this reason, the major toothpaste manufacturer Crest sells toothpaste that contains coconut oil. And because coconut oil sticks to your teeth and creates an oily residue, this can reduce the growth of the biofilm that hardens into plaque. When your smile is free of plaque and bacteria, you can confidently smile and eliminate the need for cosmetic dentistry. 

How Do I Use Coconut Oil?

Although you can purchase a commercial mass-produced toothpaste that contains it, some even suggest creating your own natural toothpaste made from ingredients like coconut oil and baking soda. 

Another method of using coconut oil to avoid fillings at our Austin dental center is pulling. Pulling is a tradition oral therapy that dates back to ancient Chinese and Vedic medicine. You simply swish a tablespoon or so of coconut oil in your mouth for about 20 minutes each day to kill bacteria and break down all the buildup.

Should I Eat More Coconut Oil?

Although coconut oil is healthy for its high levels of lauric acid when used as a dental aid, it is not necessarily healthy for you in large amounts, especially if you consume it. It does contain a lot of saturated fats and tropical oils that are associated with an increased risk of heart disease. It can pack on pounds though. It is a very rich and calorie-dense oil, so you should probably stick to spitting it out once you’re done.

Coconut oil can carry a very fragrant perfume-like aftertaste that usually limits its use to desserts and tropical dishes where the flavors complement the dish. Nevertheless, coconut oil has a lot of other beneficial properties. It can help reduce premature graying of the hair and moisturize your skin. 

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