Is Lockjaw a Dental Emergency?  

August 24, 2020 - toothbar - 0 comments Austin Preventive Dentistry
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Listening to your body is a good tip on how to relieve lockjaw symptoms. However, this solution is not enough if the condition affects your normal, day-to-day functioning. It’s important that you know when the condition is serious and you need to seek help from a professional.


What Is Lockjaw?

Lockjaw, also known as Trismus, occurs when a spasm in the jaw muscle holds the mouth shut, making it difficult or impossible to open. People afflicted with this condition find it difficult to speak, eat, and move their jaws easily. Many of them can perform these actions but slowly and painfully. They have to live with a jaw that always looks stiff and rigid. Austin cosmetic dentistry includes treatments to improve the function and appearance of the jaw.


When It Is a Dental Emergency

Many cases of lockjaw are temporary and last for several days but not longer than two weeks. Someone can develop temporary trismus after undergoing a dental procedure. The dentist may require you to keep your jaw open for as long and wide as possible. This could trigger an episode of trismus. An incident could happen if a dentist accidentally injects a needle or medicine in the affected jaw muscle.

Lockjaw becomes a dental emergency when it interferes with normal activities that are required to be productive at work or school. A qualified emergency dentist should provide round-the-clock services and have the skills to treat this condition immediately.

In some cases, the pain of having trismus becomes too unbearable. An emergency dentist can prescribe painkillers to the patient or numb the affected area temporarily. Austin preventative dentistry providers can recommend tips to reduce the chances that a sudden incident will occur.

After an emergency visit, a follow-up appointment is common. Some lockjaw patients have underlying conditions that have damaged their jaws, such as the TMJ disorder. Common symptoms are pain and restricted movements of the jaw. In severe cases, oral surgeons are called in to treat tumors or severely damaged muscles through surgery.

Anyone who has ever had a lockjaw, regardless of the reason why knows how painful and discomforting the condition can be. You need a proper diagnosis and an individualized treatment plan to resolve this problem. Our Austin cosmetic dentistry treatments are designed to improve the physical appearance of your mouth and jaw. Our Austin preventative dentistry services help our patients to prevent the problem from recurring. Reach out to our specialists at The Toothbar to see how we can help you today.

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