Can poor dental health lead to liver cancer?

July 23, 2019 - toothbar - 0 comments poor dental health lead to liver cancer
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Is dental health connected to liver cancer?

A recent study by a research group at Queen’s University Belfast concluded that poor oral health can increase your chances of liver cancer by 75 percent. Although there is an alternative theory that poor eating habits coincide with poor oral health and, therefore, leads to the increased risks of developing liver cancer, this may only be a contributory factor.

What are the Main Studies backing this?

The main theory is that the liver plays a critical role in reducing the number of bacteria in the body. The groups in the study that developed liver cancer had poor oral health and consumed a diet that contained less than two portions of fruit and vegetables per day. Liver cancer is the sixth leading cause of death in the European Union and the United States.h

There are studies that have shown a positive correlation between poor dental health and an increase in Liver cancer.

Smoking, poor nutrition, and alcohol use may also play a significant role in whether liver cancer develops or not. But when you consider that 42,030 American adults will receive a grave diagnosis of liver cancer each year, it helps to mitigate the risks on all sides.

What Can The Toothbar Do to Help Prevent the Risks?

At The Toothbar Austin dental center, we can help to reduce the number of bacteria in your mouth by performing a deep dental clean, as well as resolving any kind of infections caused by that same bacteria.

When your mouth harbors cavities, the bacteria will begin to multiply at a faster rate. This will increase the risks of developing more cavities and therefore the likelihood of developing any further complications such as liver cancer. When you need a dentist in Downtown Austin who cares about your overall health, trust The Toothbar to keep your teeth healthy and keep you updated on the latest dental Research and Science.

The Toothbar can also teach you safe oral hygiene habits and provide professional dental cleanings to keep tooth decay and bacteria in check. Instead of just having painful cavities fixed, they may decide to seal their teeth before they develop cavities and schedule regular cleanings. The Toothbar can provide the total experience for patients to strengthen their health at all levels as a defense against various afflictions that may be linked to poor oral health.

Good oral health is a lifestyle choice. This is why The Toothbar focuses on making our patients comfortable with dentistry. You will be impressed with the quality of our dental care and the profound daily impact that it has upon your health.

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