Sensitive teeth: Do hot and cold bother you?

February 22, 2021 - toothbar - 0 comments Tooth Sensitivity to Heat or Cold
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Most people agree that visiting the dentist’s office is not on their list of fun things to do. Whether the visit is for a routine exam or a root canal, we might feel some apprehension. Still, most people understand the importance of regular dental care in maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

Tooth Sensitivity to Heat or Cold

An early indicator of oral health issues may be tooth sensitivity to heat or cold. A recent survey study involving 787 adults in 37 dental offices in Utah, Idaho, Montana, and Oregon discovered that as many as one in eight people experiences overly-sensitive teeth.

The study revealed that women, young adults, people with receding gums, and those who practiced tooth whitening at home most commonly experienced tooth sensitivity to hot or cold foods or drinks.

Lead study author Dr. Joana Cunha-Cruz, a University of Washington assistant research professor, reports that sensitive teeth may cause some people to avoid some foods or drinks they love to avoid the discomfort.

In the survey study, dentists examined patients who reported tooth sensitivity to cold or heat for issues like a chipped tooth, swollen gums, or a cavity. If none of these problems were present, the condition was diagnosed as sensitive teeth. Approximately 12 percent of study patients were diagnosed as having sensitive teeth with no identifiable underlying cause.

What Causes Tooth Sensitivity to Heat or Cold?

The part of a tooth that grows above the gum line is covered by a layer of enamel. The purpose of the enamel is to protect the softer under-layer of dentine. Dentine exposure can cause a tooth to become sensitive. Enamel can be eroded by certain actions such as:

  1. Toothbrush abrasion caused by brushing too hard or brushing from side to side
  2. Receding gums which leave tooth roots exposed
  3. Gum disease caused by accumulated plaque and tartar
  4. A broken filling or cracked tooth
  5. Brief episodes of sensitivity may follow tooth bleaching

Dental care in Austin Texas

Texans of all ages experience gum disease and tooth decay. In the Greater Austin, Texas area, Austin Preventative Dentistry could make all the difference. Poor dental health is a current problem for 11.6% of Texas adults and 7.5% of Texas children. Compassionate interventions like Austin Cosmetic Dentistry and Austin Restorative Dentistry could be life-changing for these Texans.

Medical research documents the connection between poor dental health and diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, obesity, respiratory disease, mental health issues, and substance abuse disorders.

Negative social and psychological effects of poor oral care significantly decrease the overall quality of life for many Texans. Pain due to dental caries causes undesirable weight loss, sickness, and excessive absenteeism from school each year.

Adults and children may experience embarrassment due to their difficulty talking and eating in public, leading to social withdrawal and the resulting loss of relationships.

Help is On the Way at the Toothbar in the Greater Austin, Texas Area

Put some ‘fun’ back into visiting your dentist and receiving state-of-the-art dental care.

How about relaxing massage chairs, a SPA-like environment, music that sounds like your local bar, fast-speed WiFi service, and friendly staff to serve you?

Can’t make it in the 9-to-5 time range? Just let us know what time suits your schedule, and we will accommodate your needs. You can maintain optimum oral health with Austin Preventative Dentistry, keep that beautiful smile with Austin Cosmetic Dentistry, take care of the abscessed tooth with Austin Restorative Dentistry, and have fun in the process.

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