Simple Ways to Strengthen Your Teeth

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If you routinely have dental cleanings and check-ups at the Toothbar Cosmetic Dentist Downtown Austin TX, you’ll become aware of your dental health. At one of these check-ups, you might find out that the enamel on your teeth is wearing out, or diminishing for some reason.

Tooth enamel protects your teeth from diminishing and causing damage to the inner parts of your teeth. If your enamel isn’t as durable as you’d like it, you can take some steps to make your tooth enamel stronger.

While you can’t regrow or regenerate tooth enamel, several ways to strengthen the enamel of your teeth exist. Some easy and natural ways remain available to help you enhance the enamel you have and protect your teeth.

1. Avoid foods that demineralize your tooth’s enamel. Some of the worst offenders for tooth demineralization include fermentable carbohydrates. These carbs remain found in sugary products such as cookies, candy, sugary cereal, and sugar-sweetened soft drinks. The acid in fermentable sugars combines with mouth bacteria to create harmful acids that can eat away a tooth’s enamel.

2. Add remineralizing substances to your dental routine. Adding fluoride remains one of the best and easiest ways to strengthen tooth enamel. Drinking fluoridated water and brushing your teeth with a fluoride toothpaste gives you additional tooth enamel strength. Also, discuss adding a topical fluoride treatment to your dental routine. Your Toothbar Austin Cosmetic Dentistry dental specialist might have some suggestions on using a topical fluoride treatment to your teeth.

3. Make sure you correctly brush your teeth. If you brush your teeth with a hard-bristled brush, or if you brush too hard, you might brush your enamel from your teeth. A few tips to correctly brush your teeth include:

• Brush your teeth with a soft toothbrush at least twice per day.
• Brush holding your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle.
• Brush using short but firm brush strokes.
• Brush your teeth for at least two minutes.
• Include brushing your tongue to remove mouth bacteria.

4. Eat Remineralizing Foods. The ADA recommends eating certain foods that make your tooth enamel stronger. Some of these foods include:

• Fruits.
• Vegetables.
• Whole grains
• Lean sources of protein.
• Dairy products low in fat.

Some of the specific foods recommended by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) include cheese and celery. Both of these healthful foods increase the flow of saliva, which washes away and inhibits acid production in your mouth.

To learn more about keeping your tooth enamel strong, contact us at Cosmetic Dentist Downtown Austin TX at Austin Cosmetic Dentistry at Toothbar. In addition to keeping your tooth enamel strong, we offer many other cosmetic procedures, including Invisalign Downtown Austin. Get the straight, healthy, and beautiful teeth you’ve always wanted using Invisalign Downtown Austin and our other dental services to keep your teeth as healthy and lovely as possible.

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