Smoking and Getting Dental Implants?  

August 26, 2021 - toothbar - 0 comments Smoking & Dental Implants
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Many smokers wonder if they are at risk of losing their teeth because of smoking. Smoking harms your body in many ways and quitting the habit can help you protect your bones and teeth. Smoking also constricts blood vessels throughout your body. Smoking restricts the blood supply to your gums, teeth, and bones in your mouth. This results in weak and brittle teeth.

You may notice that you lose your teeth easily. If you smoke, you will most likely see a decrease in your tooth enamel as you age. As you age, your teeth become less dense. As a result, the amount of calcium in your teeth decreases along with the amount of phosphate in your bloodstream.

Smoking Comes with Increased Risk Levels

Smoking is also associated with increased levels of a chemical called homocysteine in the bloodstream. This chemical acts as a promoter of osteoporosis by increasing the risk of breakage and osteonecrosis (osteoporosis).

Therefore, if you have a history of smoking or are currently smoking, you should speak with your doctor about the harmful effects of smoking on your bones. In addition, if you already have osteoporosis or have had previous fractures, you should discuss ways to avoid or minimize the effects of osteoporosis on your bones.

The chemicals in cigarettes that cause the smoker’s taste buds to become addicted are also toxic to the body. Studies have shown that smokers suffer from a reduced amount of saliva and a higher risk of experiencing gum disease.

In addition to the aforementioned risk factors for bone loss, smokers are also at an increased risk of developing cancer of the mouth due to the toxins in the smoke they breathe every time they take a puff. Furthermore, smokers are also more likely to develop heart disease. Both conditions increase the risk of death as well.

In recent years, smoking has been linked to a rise in the incidence of osteoporosis among younger adults. This trend seems to be linked to a rise in teenage girls who smoke.

While this is not known for sure, studies have shown a definite connection between smoking and low estrogen levels. Estrogen plays a vital role in bone mass and development, especially during puberty and young adulthood.

While smoking is definitely bad for bone mass, estrogen is even worse. If you have damage to your teeth, consult Austin Cosmetic Dentistry for ways to get help.

More Risks about Smoking

The risks do not stop there. Long-term smoking can cause the arteries to calcify, which decreases blood flow to the bones. This can weaken the bones and cause them to become more easily susceptible to fractures.

This is one of the main causes of Osteoporosis. Additionally, long-term smoking weakens the immune system, which leaves the body open to other, more dangerous infections.

If you are still smoking, consider getting preventative dental care with Austin Preventative Dentistry. Austin Preventative Dentistry will help you with your care needs and keeping your teeth clean.

If you’re not already taking medication to prevent osteoporosis, the smartest thing to do is quit smoking.

Not only will this help keep your bones healthy, but it will help you live longer and feel better. It’s a win-win! You will have healthier lungs and great teeth. If you are looking to reclaim your teeth and repair the damage from smoking, you should consult the professionals at Austin Cosmetic Dentistry.

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