Can Kids Use Teeth Whitening products?

July 8, 2021 - toothbar - 0 comments Teeth Whitening for Children
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Is it Safe for Kids to Use Teeth Whitening Products?

Most people want a pearly white smile. Everyone in the media has such brilliant teeth — including kids — that anything short of that can seem like imperfection.

It’s no surprise, then, that many parents want the same thing for their children. In fact, according to this article by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD), in a 2004 study of nearly 2500 children a third of them reported they were unhappy with the appearance of their teeth. If you were the parent of one of those children it would only be natural that you’d want to fix it for them. But is it a good idea?

Teeth Whitening for Children

Not many studies have been made on the use of whitening products on children’s teeth. While some dentists contend that it’s “deemed safe,” there isn’t enough information to truly support that. With that said, some situations are serious enough to consider whitening, especially if the child’s appearance is drawing negative attention and hurting their self-esteem. points out that most dentists recommend waiting until all the baby teeth have fallen out and the permanent teeth are fully erupted before using whitening products. The enamel on a baby tooth is thinner than on an adult tooth, making it more likely that sensitivity and pain issues can arise.

Austin Cosmetic Dentistry

Are you in the Austin area? Then consider visiting Toothbar, a dentistry that was just voted Best New Practice by the American Dental Association. The dentists there will be happy to answer all of your questions about teeth whitening and cosmetic repair for children and teens. They are a boutique Austin cosmetic dentistry in the downtown area that focuses on taking the fear out of visiting the dentist.Many people associate the dentist with discomfort, even pain, and may postpone tackling serious dental issues because of this. Parents may even feel reluctant to bring their children to the dentist. The dentists at Toothbar don’t want you to feel that way. Their approach prioritizes you and your family’s comfort.

Dental care is important at every age. The AAPD suggests that children visit a dentist for a routine checkup and cleaning every six months. If your child is experiencing issues with discoloration, the dentist can help uncover the underlying cause and prescribe the right course of action to remedy the problem. This may even include the cosmetic option of teeth whitening with formulas gentle enough to meet your child’s needs.

Austin Preventive Dentistry

In addition to cosmetic dentistry, Toothbar offers the city of Austin preventative dentistry. They can examine your child’s teeth and provide gentle, thorough cleaning to address stains. They can give you a checklist of the most common foods and drinks that create stains and work with you to create an ongoing plan for getting your child’s teeth in the best shape possible.If deeper problems exist, like tooth decay, the Toothbar dentists will use the most advanced digital imaging to take X-rays of your child’s teeth, roots and gums, and together you’ll find the right solution for you and your family.

Are you worried about the appearance of your child’s teeth? Have you considered trying whitening products at home to help boost his or her self-confidence? Do you live in the Austin area? Then call Toothbar and let their experienced, professional staff meet your family’s dental needs.

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