Times where a dental inlay is the best option

March 22, 2021 - toothbar - 0 comments dental inlay is the best option
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In dentistry, a dental inlay is placed within the tooth. It is similar to a cavity filling that does not cover the entire top part of the tooth. It must be designed to fill the exact size of the cavity before it’s cemented into place. In addition to inlays, there are onlays and overlays that are used for different reasons. Know the times when it’s most appropriate to use a dental inlay as an effective Austin preventative dentistry treatment.

Inlays vs. Fillings

A lot of confusion revolves around the differences between inlays and fillings. A filling is made of a composite material that fills a tooth cavity. An inlay consists of a metal or ceramic material that is inserted into the space. It is more exactly made in the precise size and shape of the cavity.

A Form of Indirect Dental Restoration

An indirect restoration contains materials that are made in a dental lab using the patient’s tooth impressions. In addition to inlays, other techniques include crowns, bridges, dentures and veneers. The finished inlay is permanently cemented into the tooth. For this popular Austin cosmetic dentistry procedure, very few visits are needed to the dentist. During the process, the patient may receive a temporary filling or restoration.

In Between a Crown and a Filling

An inlays is needed when a crown or filling is not a suitable form of restoration. The tooth is too damaged to require a simple filling, but the damage is not so severe that a crown is needed to replace the top portion of the tooth. The inlay fills the inner portion of the tooth and not its outer edges. An inlay covers the cusps of the tooth while the crown covers the entire upper portion.

More Effective Than Fillings

Inlays are more effective than fillings at restoring tooth decay and physical damage. Compared to fillings, inlays are stronger and more durable with a natural, tooth-colored appearance. Ceramic inlays have an ideal shade that blends in naturally and a stronger composition than resin composite materials. Additionally, inlays are custom designed in laboratories and provide exact fittings in the patient’s tooth.

An inlay is an effective restorative technique provided at Austin dental centers. As an Austin cosmetic dentistry procedure, it covers an unsightly, unclean cavity with a natural-colored material. An inlay improves the tooth’s symmetry to create an even, healthy look. The tooth is stronger and longer lasting than it was before. Contact The Toothbar to learn more about dental inlays and other Austin preventative dentistry services.

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