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Austin, TX Teeth Whitening at Toothbar

There was a time when dull, sometimes yellowing teeth were commonplace among adults. The habits and substances that were consumed inflicted wear and tear on even those with the most disciplined oral care regimes. Today, however, gleaming white teeth are no longer a luxury. They are nearly as necessary as internet access.

They are part of an individual’s brand. Removing self-consciousness and instilling personal confidence, a brilliantly white set of teeth conveys attractiveness and professionalism. In fact, those that opt for teeth whitening in Austin may notice the difference it makes in business, relationships, and life overall.

Why Do Teeth Lose Their Gleam?

Your teeth are exposed to numerous elements and compounds — through food and drink, yes, but also through the air around you. Other causes of loss of whiteness could include medications, excess fluoride, grinding in sleep, and — unfair as it may seem — plain old genetics. When the enamel of the tooth is stained, its natural white shade is dulled.

Stains come from multiple sources: coffee, tea, red wine or tomato sauce for example. General yellowing might indicate enamel loss because beneath the enamel is a layer of dentin, yellow in hue. Anything that removes enamel, e.g. sugars, starches, and acidic foods, can be implicated in yellowing teeth.

How to Preserve White Teeth

Cutting out – or down on – some of these culprits helps to maintain an attractive, bright smile. Yet few people want to refrain from every single thing that can possibly stain the teeth. Happily, though, that drastic teeth whitening option will not be necessary. Beyond regular cleanings and exams at Toothbar, whitening agents generally contain compounds like hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide that dissolve the chemical bonds that show up as stains. Furthermore, these remedies demonstrate no harm to the enamel of the teeth.

Are Do-It-Yourself Kits Effective?

Many at-home DIY tooth-whitening products sold in stores are approved by the American Dental Association (ADA). However, this approval does not equal a product endorsement. Basically, the ADA is declaring DIY kits safe, largely due to their low concentrations of peroxide. In other words, they can not hurt. But do they help? While they can provide some marginal benefit, these remedies rarely provide whitening as quickly or effectively as professional treatment.

Dental patients appreciate the skill and efficiency of an experienced practitioner over the nightly struggle with whitening strips and trays.


Q: Will whitening harm my tooth enamel?
A: There is no evidence that professional whitening causes damage to enamel.

Q: Are there side effects?
A: Sometimes. Tooth sensitivity and gum inflammation are possible, though the professionals at Toothbar make efforts to minimize these potential reactions.

Q: Is this treatment permanent?
A: The effects do eventually wear off after several months. Toothbar can advise its patients as to how often treatments may safely be done.

Q: Is whitening/bleaching expensive?
A: Austin cosmetic dentistry is an out-of-pocket expense but Toothbar tries to keep it affordable.

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