Travel Tips for Your Teeth

September 23, 2019 - toothbar - 0 comments Travel Tips for Your Teeth
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Having a healthy oral care routine is a lifestyle behavior usually practiced at home. However, on vacation or traveling abroad we neglect our healthy habits. Our Austin cosmetic dentistry offers refined habit forming travel tips to practice along your journey. During a 14 day period of creating a habit, visit a certified Austin cosmetic dentist at the Toothbar while following these simple dental care travel tips reducing potential oral health risks.

Even on your dream getaway a simple neglect in your oral hygiene routine may lead to underlying oral health issues: tooth decay, lingering plaque or beginning stages of gum disease.

  • Visit your Dentist before Take Off

Make it your 1st step in your oral care routine by reaching out to your downtown cosmetic dentist, the Toothbar, before flying out to a dream getaway.

Without preventative dentist care in 2016, a nationwide research stated 27% of adults who prolonged oral health conditions faced tooth decay and nearly 50% of Americans showed early stages of gum disease. These detrimental conditions not only affect your physical health but can propose a financial burden with costly procedures or long-term medication in the future. The Texas Medical Association stated these alarming concerns especially for Texas residents who had a higher rate of these conditions developing.

Before booking a flight, make small steps with our Austin cosmetic dentistry offering preventative services on caring for your teeth. Be proactive with an Austin cosmetic dentist who can answer any questions you have in case of an emergency on your travel trip or additional information our downtown cosmetic dentist can assist you with during a consultation.

  • Travel Tooth Care Essentials

Packing can be a to-do list in itself, however, these hygiene care items are convenient for space saving and convenience. A collapsible toothbrush with a roll of floss is compact fitting in small containers or carry-on bags. Pack tooth treats consisting of sugarless gum, sugarless candies infused with green tea and green tea stimulate the saliva glands which help clean your teeth. When doubting the local water, use bottled or boiled water instead.

Also, the Toothbar provides express services for a brighter smile before you photograph memories at your destination spot.

  • Maintain Oral Care Abroad

The last thing a traveler wants to face when landing at a destination trip is a tooth emergency. Maintain cleanliness by disinfecting toiletries bag and brush container beforehand. Bacteria feeds off of moisture so air drying your toothbrush each time before placing it in a holder is recommended.

Being on vacation can be a great excuse for consuming delicious treats and maybe skipping a few steps in your routine. However, stick to brushing twice and flossing once will reduce your teeth from cavities. While gazing at desserts along the way, keep in mind to have sugary treats to a minimum. Every bite you take invites tooth decay.

Before take-off, schedule a check-up with your downtown cosmetic dentist. Have a peace of mind with current records of your teeth while establishing a long term relationship with the Toothbar for your dental care needs.

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