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January 30, 2023 - toothbar - 0 comments Woman having Invisalign placed on her top teeth for her cross bite
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Everyone wants to have a beautiful smile. It enhances your self-esteem and confidence. Numerous complications, such as crossbite, cause teeth misalignment and other oral health issues. Fortunately, the condition is correctable through Invisalign.


This article provides detailed information about Invisalign for Crossbite.


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What Causes a Crossbite?


You might be asking, how does crossbite develop? Below are some of the causes:




It’s possible to inherit teeth misalignment from your biological parents. If the condition runs in your family, the odds of developing it are high.


Delayed Loss of Baby Teeth


Baby teeth that are lost too late cause dental issues. The teeth generate excess pressure on the gum. As a result, they shift from their correct position, causing misalignment and abnormality.

Cleft Palate


If your child is born with a cleft lip, they will likely experience dental complications. For instance, they may have missing or misplaced teeth. A gap in the upper jaw may cause loss of teeth, leading to misalignment.

Supernumerary Teeth


This condition refers to teeth that exceed the number of baby or adult teeth. They can be present in any part of the jaw. Since the extra teeth occupy space, they lead to a cross-bite.

Childhood Habits


Some childhood behaviors like thumb-sucking and prolonged bottle use exert pressure on your jaws. This, in turn, leads to teeth misalignment.


How Can a Dentist Fix a Crossbite with Invisalign


First, the Austin Cosmetic Dentist performs a dental examination using a 3D scanner. They’ll check for all indications of teeth misalignment.

The scan will then be used to design your custom dental aligners.

The experts advise on the necessary remediation if you’re diagnosed with the condition.

Does Invisalign Work for a Crossbite?


It can be used to treat teeth misalignment. If you live in Austin, get your smartphone or tablet and search Invisalign dentist near Downtown Austin. The top results will include the Toothbar.

We’ll conduct a smile assessment consultation and decide on an effective treatment plan for you.

You’ll then get a personalized set of aligners.


You wear the aligners for a specified period depending on your progress. Your Austin Invisalign Dentist replaces them until the teeth are correctly aligned.


Benefits of Using Invisalign for a Crossbite


There are numerous methods of treating teeth misalignment. But, Invisalign has earned more reputation compared to the other methods.


This is because of the following advantages.


Ease of Cleaning


It’s easier to clean the aligners used to correct the misalignment. They are removable whenever you’re eating or want to clean your teeth. In addition, removing the food particles stuck between the braces is no struggle.


It’s Comfortable


The braces used for teeth alignment by the dentist Austin “near me” are painless. They exert a little pressure on your jaw and teeth as they reposition them to the correct positions. Furthermore, they don’t use wires that may hurt your gum.




The Austin Cosmetic Dentist uses aligners that fit your teeth. They progressively align them to occupy the correct positions.




It involves the use of clear braces. This means they are not visible, and you will not be embarrassed whenever you talk or smile.

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