What happens if you wait too long to remove your wisdom teeth?

April 19, 2022 - toothbar - 0 comments what happens if you wait too long to remove your wisdom teeth
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The procedure to remove wisdom teeth is performed regularly across the nation. The American Dental Association reports wisdom teeth appear in the four corners of your mouth between the ages of 17 and 21. Deciding on wisdom teeth removal is completed based on the facts available to the dental experts at Toothbar. At Toothbar, the experience of understanding the problems of impacted wisdom teeth helps patients make the right decisions.

Austin preventative dentistry at Toothbar takes many forms. Firstly, making sure all patients understand the role and potential problems of wisdom teeth. The wisdom teeth are the third molars at the back of the gums, with these teeth not developing until later in life. Wisdom teeth usually arrive when the 28 adult teeth have arrived and are in place. The potential problems with wisdom teeth come about when the space needed for the teeth to break through the gums is not available.

Impacted wisdom teeth can cause several problems, including cavities and gum disease. Impacted wisdom teeth will become stuck within the gums and do not have the space to break out. For most patients seeking Austin preventative dentistry at Toothbar, the facts show impacted wisdom teeth are not a long-term problem.

The NHS reports the help of a dentist should be sought when severe pain becomes an issue. X-Rays will reveal the position of the wisdom teeth and help the experts at Toothbar to decide on wisdom teeth removal. If wisdom teeth pain is causing problems in the life of a patient, depression, and anxiety can become problems. Alongside the mental health problems caused by severe wisdom teeth pain, patients often remove themselves from the daily activities they enjoy.

Failing to remove wisdom teeth when needed can result in several long-term problems. A wisdom tooth that fails to fully break through the gum line can become a breeding ground for bacteria. The partially erupted wisdom tooth will be difficult to clean and traps food particles below the gum line. As the food particles break down, they have the potential to decay and cause cavity-causing bacteria.

Alongside the problems of gum disease and tooth decay, the issue of cysts can become a big problem. An infected tooth damaged by decay and pericoronitis can form a fluid-filled sac at the site of the gum problems. This can lead to a tumor developing that will likely be benign, but still requires removal from the jawline.

Ignoring wisdom teeth pain can lead to long-term problems for patients arriving at Toothbar. Severe pain can be caused by wisdom teeth pushing the teeth together to add to the pain felt.

Booking an appointment at Toothbar is the first step on the road to limiting the problems caused by wisdom teeth pain.

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