What is Invisalign?

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Invisalign is an orthodontic procedure that straightens teeth without using metal braces. A set of clear braces explicitly designed to cover your teeth and gradually position them into the right position are used in the process.

Compared to standard metal braces, clear braces are less noticeable since there are transparent and removable.

At Toothbar, we encounter a lot of patients who wish to improve their smile but believe that the only choice they have is to go for conventional metal braces.

However, our Austin Cosmetic dentist and the orthodontists at Toothbar have specialized in Invisalign braces for many years and have seen the benefits of these modern teeth straightening systems.

In less than half the time required to straighten your teeth with traditional braces, Invisalign clear braces will make your teeth beautiful, comfortable, and precisely aligned.

How does Invisalign work?

If we determine that Invisalign is the most suitable option for you, we will create a custom treatment plan based on the examination results, x-rays, and a 3D model of your teeth.

The course of treatment establishes how your teeth must move and how long it will take to realign them properly. Your customized aligners are made in the Invisalign laboratory by our dentist Austin.

After receiving your set of aligners and making the necessary adjustment, you must wear your aligner all day except when eating, brushing, and flossing your teeth.

For your comfort, you may take off your Invisalign retainer whenever you need to throughout the day because they are detachable.

Invisalign is simple to use and seamlessly integrates into your daily routine. The transparent aligners will be placed over your teeth, and each set of these clear braces will be worn for two weeks before you move on to the next set.

During the first days, your aligners will fit snugly, but because they are designed to position your teeth gently and precisely, after a few days your teeth will progressively reposition themselves.

You will schedule a check-in visit with our Orthodontist every six weeks to check how your treatment is going and to have your aligners checked. These examinations are crucial to help us determine whether your aligner or treatment plan needs to be modified.

Why visit Toothbar for Dental Treatment

It’s no secret that there are dozens of options for your dental needs. That being said, finding the right cosmetic dentist for you and your entire family can be challenging- that is where Toothbar comes in.

We offer a wide range of services, from teeth whitening and general dentistry to braces and Invisalign treatment.

Our orthodontist, Dr. Kimberley Barclay, D.M.D., has assembled a fantastic team of dental professionals to ensure you get the most comprehensive treatment.

We have been among the top-rated Invisalign Dentist Austin for years. Our goal is to provide impeccable customer service and treatment plans coupled with a comfortable and inviting space conveniently located in the heart of Austin.

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