Everything to know about dentures!

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Everything you need to know about dentures?

Whether you are at risk of losing your teeth or have already lost teeth due to oral health problems, having a complete set of teeth is still possible. People who suffer from tooth loss can benefit from dentures (teeth replacement). Artificial teeth can help maintain your healthy teeth and give you a smile makeover. So, if you reside in Austin, Texas, and are looking for cosmetic and restorative dentistry services, visit Toothbar today. Each Austin cosmetic dentist can cater to your specific needs and offer top-notch dental services.

What are dentures?

Dentures are removable artificial teeth and gums formed to fit your mouth to replace missing or damaged teeth. However, some people are nervous about wearing teeth replacement due to the past failures of some previous models. However, modern teeth replacement feel and look natural, unlike the past.

Dentures can either be partial or full (complete), meaning they can replace all the teeth on the bottom or top gum line or just a few missing teeth. The procedure involves attaching artificial teeth to a plate that rests snugly on the gum line or roof of your mouth. Regardless of the type of teeth replacement you need, they can be tailored to fit your mouth and match your existing teeth visually. They can also be easily removed for daily care and cleaning.

Types of Dentures

There are two types of dentures: partial and full. Let the experienced and qualified dental professionals at Toothbar, Austin, assist you in choosing the right type of denture for you.

Partial Dentures

If only a few teeth are missing, ‌partial may be an option. Partial are often preferred as a tooth replacement solution when the natural teeth are unsupportive, such as tooth loss or dental bridges. The partial fit over the gum line on which they sit and are attached to the natural teeth nearby to prevent them from shifting. Dentists often place crowns on nearby natural teeth as anchors for artificial teeth.

Full Dentures

Full dentures refer to teeth replacement that replace all of the natural teeth. If a patient has lost all or most of their teeth or no healthy teeth remain, they may require a full set. Teeth replacement are available for the lower and upper jaw. They can be held in place on the lower or upper gums with suction and oral adhesive.

For stability, the uppers have a full base attached to the roof of the mouth, whereas the lower ones have a U-shape so the tongue can move freely. Typically, your dentist will recommend removing decayed teeth before fittings. This allows your gums to heal, preventing further bone loss and improving your dental health. As with partial, they can easily be removed.

Dental Implants

Unlike full set and partials, dental implants are permanent. Implants offer a more technologically advanced way to secure your teeth. By surgically implanting tiny screws in your jaw, your dentist can permanently anchor your teeth and create artificial roots for them. The implants provide healthy stimulation to your jawbone, which can help prevent bone loss and facial sagging.

They’re also more comfortable than traditional teeth replacements.


Teeth replacements do more than enhance your smile and improve your quality of life; they also support the structures around your lips and cheeks. As well as allowing you to eat foods that require chewing, they also enable you to maintain the same diet and ensure proper nutrition. Lastly, replacing teeth can relieve severe pain and improve oral health.

Teeth replacements are an excellent way to get rid of troublesome teeth and replace them with beautiful and robust replacements. So, make an appointment with Toothbar in downtown Austin today. Call: 512-949-8202.

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