Why a Great Smile is So Important  

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Your smile says a lot about who you truly are. Having a great smile is more than just flaunting your natural beauty. A great smile also consists of healthy teeth that are strong and white in appearance. Unfortunately, there are millions of people who naturally possess a dainty smile, but many of these individuals have bad teeth. Unhealthy teeth can be a deal-breaker to some degree. Stains, chips, and cavities signifies a deficiency of your oral health. Whether this deficiency comes from physical trauma or a lack of personal care, you will have to personally deal with the ramifications.

What Are Your Dental Issues?

If you’re experiencing dental issues, then you know exactly how painful these issues can truly be, especially if you’re suffering with a tooth infection. Toothache can be one of the most agonizing sensations and experiences that’s known to mankind. The discomfort can literally be downright traumatizing to a certain degree. A cavity that’s left to rot away will surely result in some form of tooth infection down the line.

Sensitive teeth can also be a frustrating experience whenever you drink something hot or cold. Most dental fillings will range between $50 to $150. Of course, the actual size of the cavity and where it’s located will dictate the overall price. Silver-amalgam fillings can range between $90 to $250 per tooth. If the cavity in the tooth is extremely deep, then you may need to get a root canal, which can cost as much as $800 per tooth. Root canals will require a crown that’s placed over the filled/enclosed tooth. A single porcelain-infused crown will generally range between $600 to $800.

Austin Cosmetic Dentistry is changing the lives of many people, and a downtown cosmetic dentist could be the solution to all of your oral problems. Located in the city of Austin, Texas, is a top-rated dental organization that’s known as Toothbar. Creating personalized treatments that are tailored to the patient’s needs is what this dental practice specializes in. Our Austin cosmetic dentistry location is hosted by Dr. Jacobsen and Dr. Barclay.

Why Services Are Offered?

Toothbar specializes in preventive, restorative and cosmetic dentistry. Creating beautiful smiles is the name of the game, This downtown cosmetic dentist has it all from cutting-edge technologies to highly knowledgeable staff members.

Get your teeth straightened at Toothbar as our “toothologists” will utilize the advanced treatment of Invisalign braces. These see-through containers will systematically align your teeth for better overall aesthetics. The national average of Invisalign braces ranges between $3,000 to $5,000. Of course, insurance will drastically lower the overall cost. Invisalign downtown Austin is a great route to take, but we also offer veneers to create a Hollywood-like smile. These thin shells are laminated onto the posterior of your teeth and will provide immediate results that will last for decades with proper care.

The dental doctors at Toothbar is the epitome of Invisalign Downtown Austin as well as restorative-dental services.

Would you like to get more information, contact us at The Toothbar today.

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