Will Your Gums Grow Back After Gum Contouring Surgery?

July 26, 2021 - toothbar - 0 comments Restorative dentistry in austin
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If your gums rest too low or too high on your teeth and you are uncomfortable with your smile, you are most likely a candidate for gum contouring surgery. It is also known as tissue sculpting or reshaping. The procedure at Austin Cosmetic Dentistry evens out the uneven gum line and gives you a brighter smile.

Causes of Uneven Gums

Various things may make the gum to be too high or too low. If the gum covers a more significant part of your teeth, they may appear smaller. Apart from genetics, uneven gum may be associated with some prescription drugs or specific health problems.

If the gum is too high, your teeth may appear long. In addition, gum recession may predispose you to tooth loss or tooth decay. Note that gum recession can also be associated with periodontal disease.

Studies indicate that more than 26% of adults in the State of Texas have untreated tooth decay. Almost half of the adults above 30 years present with signs of gum disease, and about 9% of the adults experience severe gum disease.

At Austin preventative dentistry, we provide gum contouring surgery to improve your smile and as part of periodontal procedures. Some of the vital periodontal procedures include regenerative procedures, pocket reduction, and crown lengthening.

Connection Between Oral and Mental Health

It is hard ignoring the relationship between oral and mental health. A survey from National Health and Nutrition indicated that about two-thirds of depressed individuals experienced a toothache. It also indicated that half of the depressed individuals rated the condition of their teeth to be poor.

A scientific review of the studies revealed a strong connection between gum disease and mood conditions such as loneliness, depression, anxiety, distress, and stress. Anxiety and depression are risk factors for poor oral health. Stress is associated with elevated cortisol levels, suppressing the immune system leading to gum diseases and inflammation.

The periodontists and general dentists at our Austin cosmetic dentistry will perform gum contouring surgery to give you a brighter smile or protect you from other conditions. A soft tissue diode laser is employed in laser gum contouring to remove the overgrown tissue around the teeth gently. It exposes the underlying structure of the tooth or reshapes the uneven gum tooth.

The dentists will make your teeth appear more proportional in a smile while establishing a more aesthetically pleasing ratio between the gums and the teeth. In achieving the desired results, the specialists at Austin preventative dentistry will also contour the underlying jawbone.

Removal of a small segment of the bone can also prevent the gum from growing back. Besides the gentle sculpt of the gum line, the laser cauterizes the gum tissue, controls bleeding, and stimulates the healing process.

For your dental procedures, experience matters, and it is crucial to us at Austin Preventative surgery. At the facility, expect an individualized, pain-free, shame-free experience delivered by specialists. Schedule a consultation with us today and explore if the advanced gum contouring surgery will give you a smile you desire.

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