Award-winning Austin, Texas, dental practice sets a standard for innovation

June 7, 2021 - toothbar - 0 comments Dr Kimberley Barclay & Lauren Jacobsen Austin Cosmetic Dentist
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Evaluating a Dental Office That Provides Many Amenities – How a Company Created an Innovative Office and Received an Award

The Toothbar is a well-known company that is located in Austin, Texas, and the business provides dental services, cosmetic treatments, restorative treatments and preventive services. The company’s office also features innovative technology that can substantially improve the experiences of patients. The office contains large speakers, soundproof walls, a comfortable lounge and multiple types of headphones. While the dentists complete numerous procedures, the patients can enjoy relaxing music, and typically, the innovative services could reduce anxiety, increase comfort and optimize the effectiveness of each treatment.

Creating the Company and Customizing the Dental Office

During 2017, the dentists designed the large office, evaluated the layout of the building and purchased many types of equipment. The experts also hired experienced contractors who renovated the office, and in April 2018, the company opened the dental office. The business also created a website that features a blog, a description of the company, a contact form and helpful guidelines.

Once patients visit the dental office, the guests can utilize Wi-Fi, access mobile chargers, request a large pillow or purchase delicious snacks. The office also contains a massage chair, and generally, a massage could reduce chronic anxiety, relax the muscles, improve well-being and stimulate blood flow. According to many reports, massages may also increase the production of endorphins within the brain, and the endorphins could significantly reduce pain.

Providing Cosmetic Treatments

The dentists offer treatments that can improve each patient’s smile, realign crooked teeth and optimize the contour of each tooth. The company specializes in Austin cosmetic dentistry, and the dentists could provide durable veneers, Invisalign and cosmetic bonding. The innovative treatments can prevent dental issues, improve oral hygiene, reduce the long-term costs of dental care and increase the satisfaction of each patient.

Examining the Benefits of Restorative Dentistry

The dental experts could repair damaged teeth, fill cavities and offer restorative treatments. The company can also provide dental implants that could protect the nearby teeth, and the dental implants may also prevent bone loss. Moreover, the dentists frequently complete procedures that require dental bridges, dental crowns and partial dentures. These treatments can effectively strengthen the enamel, and the procedures could also restore chipped teeth, improve the patient’s bite, decrease the sizes of gaps and reduce the risk of periodontal diseases.

Evaluating Multiple Awards

Recently, the company received a prestigious award, and the American Dental Association examined the innovative design of the dental office, the cutting-edge treatments and the innovative equipment. Once the organization contacted Toothbar, multiple experts evaluated the aesthetic features of the office, the sizable lounge, upcoming events and the company’s services.

Contacting the Business and Scheduling an Appointment

If you have any questions about dental services, you could examine cosmetic treatments, restorative procedures, preventive services and multiple types of financing. Before you schedule an appointment, you may call 512-949-8202, and the experienced representatives could describe the benefits of Austin cosmetic dentistry. The experts can also answer your questions, evaluate your insurance plan and provide helpful suggestions.

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