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The latest within the Austin Dental Service, we keep you updated.

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Toothbar Talk

The latest within the Austin Dental Service, we keep you updated.

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Austin Dental Veneers
November 9, 2020

What Happens to Teeth Under Veneers?  

The age of social media platforms that we live in has made most of us more concerned about the way we look, including getting the perfect smile for our teeth. In many cases, people like you and I want to have a white, straight smile that will impress our friends, family, and co-workers throughout our […]

Kinds Of Problems Can Cosmetic Dentistry Fix
November 2, 2020

What Kinds Of Problems Can Cosmetic Dentistry Fix?

Austin Cosmetic Dentistry, Toothba the Premium Dental Cosmetic Center. Recent statistics revealed that the dental cosmetic industry garnered over $18 million in revenue in 2018. This amount is predicted to almost double by 2026. With millions of people seeking cosmetic dental procedures, the industry is slowly growing to become a multi-million industry. Dental cosmetic procedures […]

Austin Cosmetic Dentistry
October 26, 2020

What is a Scale & Polish?

Scale and polish is a type of Austin cosmetic dentistry procedure that is recommended for all dental patients. Scaling is the removal of stains while polishing is the sealing of the cleaned surface. This procedure is necessary to maintain the total cleanliness and health of teeth and gums. What Is It? A scale and polish […]

Austin Cosmetic Dentistry
October 12, 2020

The 4 Types of Teeth and How They Function

You may not have considered the specific details of your teeth carefully. Learn more about how your teeth work to appreciate the natural tools that help you chew, eat, and speak. You’re also more likely to maintain excellent dental care, according to any Austin preventative dentistry expert. There are four main types of human teeth […]

Austin Preventive Dentistry
October 5, 2020

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Teeth

Healthy teeth can help you smile more, and a beautiful smile is priceless. That’s why when you need to keep your teeth as healthy as possible with Austin preventative dentistry and good oral hygiene. However, knowledge is power. Here are 8 things you didn’t know about your teeth.  Teeth start to develop in the womb […]

Austin Preventive Dentistry
September 21, 2020

How to Know if You’re Suffering from Gum Disease

We have all been told to take good care of our teeth. The health of the gums, however, has an important role in oral health. Gum disease often goes undetected because it can present without pain or other symptoms. The early stage of gum disease is inflammation of the gums called gingivitis. An advanced stage […]

Teeth Change as You Age
September 14, 2020

Do Your Teeth Change as You Age?  

So many changes occur to the human body as you age. Many of them are disconcerting, and you wonder if you will ever be able to do things again the way that you used to do them. You may also find yourself concerned with your appearance, and concerned about your smile. Older adults will lose […]

Grinding Teeth
September 7, 2020

7 Ways to Stop Grinding Your Teeth  

Teeth grinding is an uncomfortable problem that can affect approximately 8 percent of adults. There are multiple reasons this can occur, but it usually happens at night. Since people are less likely to know it’s happening when they are asleep, teeth grinding (or Bruxism) can go undetected for years. Austin Cosmetic Dentistry can help patients […]

Austin Preventive Dentistry
August 24, 2020

Is Lockjaw a Dental Emergency?  

Listening to your body is a good tip on how to relieve lockjaw symptoms. However, this solution is not enough if the condition affects your normal, day-to-day functioning. It’s important that you know when the condition is serious and you need to seek help from a professional.   What Is Lockjaw? Lockjaw, also known as […]

Austin Cosmetic Dentistry
August 17, 2020

Dark Lines Around My Crowns And Veneers  

What to Do About Dark Lines Around My Crowns And Veneers It’s common to worry about dark circles and fine lines around your eyes. But it’s unusual to see dark lines or blotches forming around your newly restored teeth. This may be a sign of tooth decay, gum disease or an even worse condition. It’s […]

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